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A man fights to survive in a world ruled by female warriors in Graven Visual Novels’ World End Echo, a match-3 puzzle game that's now available on Steam.

World End Echo is a match-3 puzzle game, as well as a lesson in the importance of reading the documents you sign. The game’s protagonist is an early adopter of the latest VR gaming technology, and his headset came with an erotic game about uniting tribes of amazonian women. The concept enticed him enough to carelessly jump straight into the game. Once inside, a snarky AI guide informs him that he has been infected with a deadly virus, as noted in the user agreement he didn’t bother to read. Every time he manages to complete a quest, he will be given a medicine that will prolong his life by a couple of hours and, if he can beat the whole game, he will be cured. As such, he became trapped in a game that is as sexy as it is deadly.

The gameplay of World End Echo is divided between visual novel narration and match-3 puzzles, during which you fight against various Amazonian women. While playing the puzzle levels the player has to pair a specific amount of tiles of a given color within a limited amount of moves. Fights are often composed of many levels, between which, the girl’s clothing slowly tears offs.

In May of this year Graven Visual Novels attempted a crowdfunding campaign for World End Echo, but didn't reached their goal. Despite this the studio has managed to finish the game, which now features eight girls and an additional arena mode.

One day you find yourself in a post-apocalyptic world, full of dangers and beautiful girls who have their own perspectives on you. And nobody cares that you didn’t sign for this and just want to return home. You will be hunted down, you will be captured, but still we hope that you’ll have a good time with these explosive lethal cuties.

* Interesting levels to complete.

* 8 attractive girls.

* CG with naked Amazons.

* Great soundtrack.

* Lots of achievements.

* Arena mode with extra girls.

You can purchase World End Echo on Steam for $1.99. Additionally, you can find it on itch.io with a "name your own price" option. You can also download a demo of the game on itch.io if you'd like to try it out first.

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