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Short RPG Maker Game Yes, Brother Released on Steam

Male Doll’s RPG where a young gay priest fights against a lewd demon, Yes, Brother is available on Steam.

Yes, Brother is the first part of Male Doll’s series of short RPG Maker games at affordable prices. This game has a much shorter story compared to their previous titles, Cumming Hotel: A Gay Monster's Life and Agent Lovesdick. It takes place at the religious Holy Cher Academy, where young men are prepared to be disciples of Cher. As disciples, it is their duty to perform Sacred Confessions on humans to remove their sins and keep the Earth safe from the Demon Lord.

Recently, the Academy has found out about a powerful lewd demon leading people down the path of temptation and lust. This demon intends to keep control over the people to stay on Earth forever. To prevent this, a young boy chosen by Cher’s light, Alberto was sent on a mission to save the village from the lewd demon and remove the sins from the affected humans.

Yes, Brother gives you the choice to be a good disciple, continuing to follow in Cher’s light, or a bad disciple, falling into temptation. There is also a crafting system and a day and night system.

The Holy Cher Academy has been preparing young guys to be Cher's Disciples. It's their duty to remove the sin from humans through the Sacred Confessions to keep the Earth safe from the Demon Lord. However, people have been seduced by naughty temptations and a powerful demon was located at the Trison Village trying to stay on Earth forever.


- Choice System (will you be a good or a bad boy?);

- Day and Night System;

- Crafting System;

- CGs (some with animations);

You can purchase Yes, Brother on Steam for $2.99.

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