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Winter Wolves’ Volleyball Heaven, a yuri dating sim about friendship, love, and responsibility, is available on Steam.

Created by Winter Wolves, the developers that brought you Cursed Lands, Volleyball Heaven is a sports visual novel with five romantic interests. Our heroine is Kayla Perrin, a small-town girl who is leaving her past life in the rust-belt of America for the Gulf Coast. After accepting an athletic scholarship at the esteemed Asgard College and reuniting with her childhood friend, Lana, Kayla expects a fresh start at a new school. She’ll make new friends and enemies, and end up in unexpected situations.

At her new school, Kayla is suddenly made the captain of the college’s new volleyball team, the Asgard Valkyries. Based on who she’s working with, her job won’t be easy. On her team, she’s got Jade, an aloof heiress; Zoe, who is known for being hyper and competitive; Rika, a secretive girl who is the subject of controversial rumors; and Lana, a somewhat unpredictable loner. Under the watchful eye of Coach Emily, Kayla can’t help but think about past events as she tries to bring her team together. It’s up to her to help Asgard Valkyries attract publicity and sponsorships while avoiding all forms of gossip and rumors. The pressure is on and Kayla desperately strives to balance her studies with her work as a team captain.

Volleyball Heaven is a unique visual novel focusing on five young women facing their deepest fears and finding friendship and love in contemporary America.


- No stats - pure Visual Novel gameplay with choices

- Romance Rika, Jade, Zoe, Lana and Emily

- Many beautiful unique CGs including group scenes

- Choose a sponsor and the team's outfit will change accordingly

You can buy Volleyball Heaven on Steam for $17.99.

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