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RPG Fallen Princess Knight Anastia ~A Curse Crest That Fertilizes Sperm of Any Species~ Now Available on DLsite

A princess tries to survive after a revolt in mico’s Fallen Princess Knight Anastia ~a curse crest that fertilizes sperm of any species~, now available on DLsite.

Fallen Princess Knight Anastia ~a curse crest that fertilizes sperm of any species~ is a fantasy RPG where you play as the titular Anastia. As the fourth daughter of the King, Anastia lived a careless and oblivious life, not expecting much of her future, but neither worrying about it; however, one day, her family’s subjects revolted, killing her parents and sisters. Anastia managed to run away, but only after a witch had laid a curse on her.

Because of the curse, Anastia can now be impregnated by any creature and her menstrual cycle has been accelerated to just ten minutes. This curse will bring her a lot of suffering, as she’s left alone, hated by the people of her country, and found attractive even by the beasts of the wilds. Still, she manages to find a city in the snowy mountains whose governing lords agreed to help her survive the winter, should she accomplish some tasks for them.

Fallen Princess Knight Anastia ~a curse crest that fertilizes sperm of any species~ is a 3D RPG. You can accept new quests form the lords at any time or simply explore the town and surrounding areas. Completing tasks and killing monsters will earn you gold that can be spent on equipment, items, or even rest. Most characters in the game, including both the townsfolk and the monsters beyond, will attempt to rape Anastia. She can still fight to defend herself in automatic, turn-based battles, but will be abused if she loses or gives up. The game contains 30 sex scenes animated using Live2D. Pregnancy and childbirth are optional and can be turned off at any time in the game’s options menu.

The sense of the world is a third person RPG. It is possible to rush into the erotic scene in a minimum of 5 seconds.

There is no need to raise the level! Battles, quests, items, etc. are merely productions for the erotic scenes and are not essential.

The erotic scene is completely open from the beginning, and there are no restrictions due to levels or the like.

It is fucked just as it is done.

It is fucked after resisting.

Lost in battle and get fucked.

The body is presented and it is fucked.

Get fucked while sleeping.

It's all your freedom.

There are many erotic animations that lively move in Live2D, 3D fields, NPCs and monsters, and minimum quests.

The stories other than the synopsis have been abolished so that you can freely delusion!

Implemented a ''delusional cave (reminiscence mode)'' that allows you to see all sex scenes from the beginning!

Because it is a princess's delusion, you can play your favorite scenes without affecting princess achievements or pregnancy♪

・Over 30 Live2D erotic animations

・Over 350 heroine voices

・Over 1000 sex words

・Over 15 types of villagers and monsters

・High resolution play by original application

・Cross section of the womb can be turned ON/OFF at any time!

・There is a skip setting for those who do not like the birth scene

(Settings that do not lead to pregnancy are also possible ♪)

You can purchase Fallen Princess Knight Anastia ~a curse crest that fertilizes sperm of any species~ on DLsite at the promotional price of $22.69 (estimated from ¥2,376) until the 7th of August, at which point the game will cost $25.21 (estimated from ¥2,640). A demo of the game is available on the store page.

To make sure that the game installs and plays properly, you may have to configure your system to the Japanese locale. DLsite offers a handy guide on how to do so, which is available here.

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