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Become the king of an old town by charming its women in Shitamachi mousou-gai’s Old Town RPG like thing, a point-and-click RPG now available on DLsite.

Old Town RPG like thing takes place in a small town where the men greatly outnumber women. Due to this imbalance, if one of the men were to charm each of the ladies, they would be considered king — at least, that’s the premise of the story. As such, your goal as the game’s male protagonist is to gather information about the girls and find items that will help you enamor them.

The game plays like a point-and-click adventure. You can select which location to visit from the town’s map, which will trigger a dialogue between you and the girl residing there. The girls will drop off clues as to what items are needed to charm other women. Some buildings will instead teleport you to another world, where the items in question can be found. Finally, if you visit one of the main girls, you will be able to speak with her, use your items, or try and attack her. Attacking girls only works after they become interested in you, at which point it triggers an animated adult sequence.

Old Town RPG like thing features two sexually available characters: the bike mechanic voiced by Nanagi Rutoro and the office girl voiced by Asakura Tomoyo. It bears noting that the game's voice work only includes moans, with no recorded dialogue to speak of.

The old town, where there's small bars and small factories, where men are large in number, where girls are a rare thing...hit these few girls and you'll be the king!

Go to other worlds find magic items and use them to hit these girls!

It's a small game where you have to solve little puzzles and gather items to use on the girls to have sex.

As npcs you can find many of the previous works characters.

Voice:(moaning voices only,no dialogs) Bike mechanic:voice library: tatakae onna no ko cv:Nanagi Rutoro Office girl:voice library : tatakae onna no ko cv:Asakura Tomoyo


html/png/mp4(hand drawn animation)

Please try the trial version before buying, it might not work on some browsers or devices.

Office/Workplace Machine Sex Hand Job Urination/Peeing Tsundere Glasses Ponytail Tiny Breasts

You can purchase Old Town RPG like thing on DLsite for $7.32 (estimated from ¥770). A demo of the game is available on the store page.

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