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Romantic Adventure Visual Novel Kukkorodays Released on Denpasoft

A lady knight from another world gets reincarnated in modern day Akihabara in KukkoroDays, now available on Denpasoft.

We have written about the Steam release for KukkoroDays in the past, but this time it has been released uncensored on Denpasoft. Qureate's eroge is an isekai about a lady knight that suddenly reincarnates into the protagonist's bedroom. Cattleya is the straight faced commander of a commander of knights. One day, while she was fighting monsters, she gets fatally injured and falls unconscious. Soon after, she comes to within a magic circle that appeared in the main character’s bedroom.

Cattleya has reincarnated in modern day Akihabara and she doesn’t know how to return to her world. She will need to rely on the main character for support and to help her understand how to fit into this new world. In her previous life, she always had her guard up in case of a sudden battle. Now, she’s living in a peaceful world that isn’t nearly as hectic. Will she find a way to return back to her world? If given the choice, would she go back or stay with our protagonist?


The appearance of a lady knight reincarnated from another world turns a mundane everyday life upside down!In this love-adventure game set in Akihabara, you can enjoy living together with a lady knight.

It's a little serious, a little sad, and a little sexy, but most of all, it's fun!

The "E-mote" engine that can move illustrations smoothly and three-dimensionally is used for standing pictures in the game.

The characters displayed on the screen move as if they were alive.

You can buy Kukkorodays on sale for $11.66 from Denpasoft. After July 31st, the sale will end and the price will increase up to $12.95.

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