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Juiceshooters Is Developing Winx Club Adult Parody Fairy Fixer

A young man is coerced into aiding witches in JuiceShooters’ Fairy Fixer, an adult parody of Winx Club, currently in development.

Fairy Fixer is an adult visual novel set in the universe of the cartoon series, Winx Club. The series first aired in 2004 and originally lasted for seven seasons, even returning for the eighth season in 2019. The visual novel, developed by JuiceShooters, Fairy Fixer will feature locations and characters from the original seven seasons of the show and its comics.

You play as a young man haunted by a mysterious dream, in which an unknown voice hints to him that he might be a reincarnation of someone dangerous. One day, while on a stroll to check out a new bar, the protagonist overhears a couple of women speaking in an ally and decides to eavesdrop. He gets outed almost immediately, and the women turn out to be a group of witches called the Trix. Seeing that the man has untapped magical potential, they ask him for help in retrieving the ring of one of the Winx fairies, coercing him with their bodies.

Over the course of the story, the player will be given various objectives to accomplish, some of which will also feature simple gameplay elements, like mixing drinks at a bar to earn currency. The game’s world can be explored at the player’s own pace, though only a few locations have been implemented in Fairy Fixer so far.

Fairy fixer is a NSFW Visual Novel (in development) which takes place in the universe of Winx Club!

You'll meet many characters from the series like Bloom, Stella, Musa, Flora and Tecna, but also many others!

Get to know yourself, uncover the secrets of the magix dimensions and have some fun with the girls while you're exploring Magix and other kingdoms.

Fairy Fixer is being developed by a pair of developers presenting themselves as JuiceShooters on Patreon. You can download the latest build of the game for PC, Linux, Mac, or Android from Itch.io. Supporting the game will allow you to access future builds sooner, as well as access to voting in polls hosted by the developers.

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