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Find the cure for a curse that has been infecting adventurers in Yasagure Kitsuenjyo's RPG Maker game, The Curse of Kubel.

Developed by Yasagure Kitsuenjyo and published by Kagura Games, The Curse of Kubel follows Magetano, a young apprentice from the Magician’s Guild that was sent to investigate a strange curse. After a mysterious archaeological site was discovered in the commercial region of Kaldesta, an earthquake swallowed the city and divided the area in half. Many adventurers traveled there to search for a rumored treasure, but recently, those adventurers have been infected with a curse.

When the Magician’s Guild heard of this news, they sent Magetano Sandvelg to investigate the curse and find a means to break it. Magetano's childhood friend, Cero, escorts her to Kaldesta, but when they arrive, Magetano gets in trouble with a local philanderer. To make matters worse, Cero suddenly gets infected by the curse and falls into a coma. In this classic-style RPG, it's up to you to explore the ruins of Kaldesta and encounter different adventurers as you uncover the mysteries behind the curse.

Magetano Sandvelg

Daughter of the prestigious Sandvelg family. She’s an extremely powerful magician, owing both to the potent magical prowess that runs in her family and her own prodigious talent. However, her capricious nature and tendency to act on impulse can often land her in trouble, which by chance happens to be what caused her current dilemma. Now faced with the danger of both losing her childhood friend and her chastity, can Magetano use her wits to escape from this fate unscathed?

You can buy The Curse of Kubel on sale for $13.45 from MangaGamer and $13.49 from Denpasoft, JAST USA, FAKKU, and Steam. After July 30th, the sale on Steam will end and the price will increase back up to $14.99. If you plan on buying the Steam version, you can download the 18+ patch from Kagura Games’ site.

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