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Escape Room Visual Novel Blankspace Now Available on Steam and Itch.Io

A man and woman wake up chained in a mysterious room in NoBreadStudio’s Blankspace, a point-and-click adventure game now available on Steam and Itch.io.

Blankspace is a mystery adventure game with point and click gameplay and visual novel-style narration. You play as a man who wakes up in a white room, handcuffed to a pipe. The only thing the man remembers is his name, Chris. The only other person in the room is a woman named Beryl, who is herself chained by one of her ankles to a couch. United by their peril, the pair decides to work together to escape their unsettling situation.

The game plays using point-and-click controls. Your task is to keep finding a way forward, collecting clues along the way. To do so, you have access to an inventory you can fill with found items, that can then be combined into more sophisticated tools used to solve various logic puzzles. As Chris and Beryl work towards their escape, they will often talk with one another.

Your choices during these dialogues will shape the relationship between the two characters, and affect which ending you will end up getting. While the two characters can consummate their potentially romantic relationship, erotic scenes in Blankspace are purely of a novel variety, descriptive text with no accompanying graphics. The developers hope that presenting intercourse in this way will have a more imaginative effect than what they could accomplish with CGs.

Blankspace has been produced as a result of a successful Kickstarter campaign, you can read more about it here.

Not sure what he's been doing the night before, Chris wakes up in a strange room, handcuffed to a pipe. He doesn't recognize the girl that wakes up next to him, but it seems they're both in a similar predicament.

What's their story? Can they get out?

Blankspace is an escape room visual novel with point-and-click elements. Interact with Beryl, investigate your surroundings, solve puzzles, and find your way out of a strange-looking room!

Genres: mystery, puzzle, suspense, romance

Romance: BxG


- 3-8 hours of playtime

- A story-rich, character-driven narrative

- Choices that affect your relationship & ending

- Multiple endings

- Optional free H-patch

- Available for Windows & Linux

You can purchase Blankspace on Steam and Itch.io for the promotional price of $8.99 until the 30th of July, at which point the game will cost $9.99. Adult content for Blankspace has to be installed separately, and is available in the form of a patch on Itch.io. A demo of the game can be found on both store pages if you'd like to try it out first.

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