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Live like a true ruler and manage your own town in the nobleman simulator, My Territory Was Witches’ Island!?, now available on DLsite.

Developed by Pasture Soft, My Territory Was Witches’ Island!? is a nobleman simulator, in which you play as a greenhorn nobleman and land owner. After serving your king for three years, he rewards you with an island that was rumored to be cursed and inhabited by witches. Since you don’t believe in those superstitions, you happily accept your role as the count of the territory. It is now your job to raise money, collect taxes, and protect the people from unknown threats, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun on the side.

As a noble, you are able to collect taxes, build structures for protection, hire people to work in your town, as well as buy and sell supplies. Since you are a noble, you need to pay taxes to the king, but you can also collect legal and illegal taxes from your townspeople. If you collect taxes illegally too often, they will revolt and dethrone you, resulting in a game over. If you choose not to collect taxes, your morality and reputation with the people will increase.

Hire people to work in your town, such as regular townsfolk to create supplies for you to sell and soldiers to protect the town from pirates and other invading threats. You can only hire so many people in your town, so you will need to build to expand it. Building in the game can help you expand your resources or protect your town. You can increase your income by creating and expanding your town, mine, and fishing port. By making structures — including walls, towers, and traps — you can fend off your town from enemies coming to raid your territory.

Occasionally, you will be called to town hall to listen to your townspeople’s requests and decide what you should do with criminals. The choices you make here can either decrease or increase your income, supplies, or reputation. You can choose whether to imprison or fine criminals. If you send them to the dungeon, you will have the choice to execute, torture, release, fine, or sacrifice them. If the prisoner is female, torture is replaced with insult — which will let you fuck her mercilessly. Insulting or torturing prisoners will decrease their health bar. Just be careful not to imprison innocent people or your reputation will decrease.

As you expand your town, new female characters will come to be hired. These girls can be brought into your harem. The importance of your harem is for a woman of high status and talent to give you an heir. You can speak to and have sex with them to raise their affection.


You got an island as awarded and became a noble. But this is not the happy end but a beginning. The island was the nest that withes used to live. Now it’s your turn to govern this island and let all of them know you’re the true owner here. The witches’ legacy may attack you sometimes…


Territory Management X Tower Defense SLG

Rule the land and live with people there. Protect the small town from all enemies. You action may change the Moral Point and other status. You could be a kind lord or a bad one just like Blue Beard. It’s all your call.

Animated H-Scene 35+

You can purchase the English version of My Territory Was Witches’ Island!? On DLsite for $13.47 (estimated from ¥1,4300. There is a demo available if you would like to try it out for yourself before buying. As usual, make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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