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Don the shoes of an engineer striving to save Earth from a war between two alien empires in VoidBound, a visual novel RPG being developed by Cursed Atelier.

VoidBound is a sci-fi RPG presented in the fashion of a visual novel. The player controls Caly, a space engineer with basic military training. One day, while servicing a satellite above Earth, she bears witness to the sudden appearance of alien ships, which proceed to ravage the Earth with scorching laser beams. Caught between the beams, she nearly burns to death but is saved in time by another group of aliens.

Not long after this introduction, Caly learns that two alien empires have come into the Earth’s solar system to find an ancient artifact, presumably hidden on one of the planets. Knowing that the Earth cannot defend itself against an alien attack, nor can she defeat two alien empires on her own, Caly decides to search for the artifact, hoping that either the aliens will leave once they find it or that she will at least gain a better understanding of the situation.

VoidBound is being developed by Cursed Atelier, a group whose members gained experience localizing various JRPGs before they decided to make a game of their own. Though it's an RPG, VoidBound largely plays like a visual novel, with lengthy story segments narrated through dialogue with images and sprites.

When given control of Caly, you will be able to explore the world from a top-down, 2D perspective, interacting with NPCs or trying to accomplish tasks in hostile territories. Caly can sneak past enemies or fight them in turn-based combat, taking place on a grid. Abilities Caly can use depend largely on what weapons she brought to the fight and what modifications have been applied to them.

Rather than kill her, opponents will usually attempt to rape Caly, weakening and restraining her to the best of their abilities, leading to short animations during enemy turns, and longer scenes after losing in combat. Sexual scenarios featured in VoidBound are largely coercive, including prostitution, rape, and sexual slavery.

VoidBound has been in development since December of 2018. You can experience the game for yourself by downloading the latest demo from Cursed Atelier’s Patreon. You can also find a lot more about it by reading materials on the official website. If you choose to support the developers, you can gain access to unused assets, custom content for patrons, discord privileges, and early access a week or two before the game’s official launch, depending on your tier.

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