If you build it, they will cum

In White Wings, students experience the pains of love, bullying, and separation while preparing for entrance exams.

Previously, we had written about the successful Kickstarter campaign for the visual novel, White Wings. Now, the game takes place before entrance exams for Shoba Senior Middle School. When a new transfer student named Moe Miyazawa is assigned to sit next to Hiro Fujiwara, our protagonist, he thinks this is bound to be the setup of a love story. Despite her good looks and perfect grades, Moe seems detached from her fellow classmates and doesn't feel welcomed in her new school. Hiro feels drawn to her and tries to make a connection, but Moe's cold personality keeps him at a distance.

Another girl that had caught Hiro’s attention was Reika Fukihara, an outgoing and warm-hearted girl whom Hiro had met through a chance encounter. Even though she is kind to everyone, Reika is actually afraid of interacting with people. Her enthusiasm and charm were simply intoxicating, so he hopelessly fell in love with her as well. Hiro’s heart drifted between the two girls, soon becoming indecisive. Will he be able to make the right decision?

❄ Japanese E-mote Animation System. More than 40 animation CGs

❄ Chata (茶太) Singing OP Theme Song (Composition: Meis Clauson lyrics: Chata)

❄ Akira Ouse (逢瀬アキラ) Singing ED Song

❄ BGM produce By Japanese Production team

❄ Japanese well-known company "KIZAWA Studio" produces game Promotional Video

❄ Full Patch (Animated CGs)

❄ Fully voiced in Japanese

❄ CG Gallery, Music Gallery

❄ Support bilingual subtitles

You can buy White Wings on Steam for the discounted price of $15.99. On July 24th, the sale will end and the price will increase back up to $19.99. You can download the 18+ patch from the Pureworks site.

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