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Nukige Visual Novel Shoujo Dominance - My Precious Reina - Now Available on JAST USA.

Reina seeks a fatherly romantic partner in monoceros+’s Shoujo Dominance - My Precious Reina -, a nukige visual novel now available on JAST USA.

Shoujo Dominance - My Precious Reina - is a nukige story about Reina, a voluptuous student looking for a partner. While asked what sort of person would best fit that role for her, she remembers the affectionate feelings she had towards her father, and decides to make her daddy her own.

As a nukige, Shoujo Dominance - My Precious Reina - is focused mostly on leading the reader through a series of erotic scenes, with the majority of events taking place between the protagonist and Reina. The story lasts for an estimated three hours of reading time. Reina is fully voiced, and you can choose whether she will call you “father” or “daddy,” as well as whether you’d like her to wear glasses.


Love blooms as Reina goes searching for the right person, only to find out that love has always been nearby.

When her friends ask, “What kind of person is your ideal type?” the first figure that comes to mind is her father. Reina wants nothing more than to have somebody who will cherish and protect her.

"I’m sure he already knows what I want... so why won't he just do it?"


This title is a charming nukige that is fully uncensored for a wonderful fapping experience!


- Fully voiced in Japanese

- Choose how Reina calls you: Father or Daddy, anytime during the gameplay

- Choose if Reina wears glasses or not anytime during the gameplay, including hentai scenes

- 90% Hentai scenes with Reina, but you might find some surprises

- 3 hours of gameplay

You can purchase Shoujo Dominance - My Precious Reina - on JAST USA for the promotional price of $13.49. Later, the visual novel will cost $14.99 at full price.

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