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A slave trainer sends an ex-noblewoman and a mysterious dark elf to earn money by fighting in an arena in Jerez’s Arena, now available on Steam.

When Glenn won Claudia, the daughter of a fallen noble family, in a slave auction, the two made an agreement. In exchange for her freedom, Claudia promised to earn money for Glen and fight in a sinister arena. While she tries to climb up the ranks to greatness and revive her family title, a dark elf named Irene joins the group. Will the two find riches and power through the arena battles or be left with meaningless humiliation and suffering?

Developed by Eternal Alice Studio and Joy Brick, Jerez’s Arena is a visual novel where you schedule your slaves’ routines and condition them however you please. Both girls have their own skills, characteristics, and endings.

Your choices and the results of your arena battles will determine the direction of the story. When you play as Glen, you will need to arrange your slaves’ schedules, putting them through conditioning or training to get them ready for the arena. You can earn more money by sending your slaves on missions and having them fight in the arena. Pay attention to their stats so that you choose the right girl for the right job.


The game has multiple endings and tons of H plots under different conditions. The choices you make in the plot and the results of the arena battle will affect the direction of the game. Therefore, you as Glenn need to carefully arranged your daily schedule. Cultivate beautiful slave fighters through Conditioningor training, and earn revenue through mission and arena fighting.

Game Features

- Up to 100,000 words of scenario text.

- Tons of H plots and events,200+ CGs、25+Events.

- Two heroine with a completely different characteristic, having their own story and personal ending.

- Simple training mode, exciting combat experience.

- Conditioning your own slave as you want.

You can buy Jerez’s Arena on Steam for the discounted price of $17.99. After July 24th, the price will increase back up to $19.99.

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