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The head priest of a shrine returns to find it overtaken by a new goddess in No Strike’s Trap Legend, a crossdressing yaoi visual novel published by Eroge Japan on Steam.

Trap Legend is a direct sequel to No Strike’s previous visual novel, Trap Shrine. The game is told from the perspective of a shrine’s head priest who once asked his goddess for help, only to discover that the object of his worship was, in fact, a god who loves to crossdress. Answering his prayer, the crossdressing god offered to marry the priest, much to his confusion.

Sometime later, in the story of Trap Legend, the priest is returning to the shrine together with the lead characters of the previous game after a short absence. They discover that during their leave, a goddess by the name of Tamaki appeared, and a formerly exiled shrine maiden, Subaru, has positioned her as the shrine’s main goddess. Furthermore, much to the priest’s disappointment, the goddess Tamaki opposes romantic relationships between men, even if they crossdress.

Trap Legend presents a kinetic romance story with comedy and action elements, devoid of choices or branching paths. The priest will engage in sexual activity exclusively with male characters, sometimes in acts of group sex.

●Takatou Subaru

"If you have time to talk, then put those hands to work!"

Stickler for Discipline

The previous chief shrine maiden before Mishiro took over her place.

Although the shrine's tradition makes her wear women's clothing, she sees it merely as work attire.

She won't allow love between men and crossdressers under any circumstance, which puts her at odds with Mishiro.


"My powers are not like those of my sister!"

Love-Hating Goddess

A crossdressing goddess, and sister of Yui. Her true name is Kototama Himegami-no-Mikoto, another kind of Hinky Goddess.

Descending to Earth with the mission of sealing Yui once more, she's cooperating with Subaru to take over the shrine.

●Endou Mishiro

"My sister sense is tingling! There's homewreckers coming after my Maa-kun!"

Crossdressing Shrine Maiden and Sister

A sister that untiringly works for the sake of her love, but also has a dark, potentially dangerous possessive streak.

She finally managed to reconcile and bond with Yui over their love for Masato, and now hope to strive to be the best wives for him they can ever be.

(She's not a main heroine this time)


"I shall grant your wish!"

Sealed Crossdressing Goddess

A crossdressing goddess that was sealed in Kotomusubi shrine's cave.

Her true name is Kotomusibi Himegami-no-Mikoto, the original Hinky Goddess.

Currently she has been sealed by Tamaki into a lesser form, but her affection for Masato hasn't diminished.

(She's not a main heroine this time)


"I'm a god, for realsies!"

The incarnation of an enshrined Komainu.

Incarnation of a guardian komainu from the shrine, declares himself a great god, but tends to be scatterbrained and a bit of a klutz.

He was originally sent to watch over Yui's seal, but since the shrine has a lack of personnel, he doubles as a shrine maiden.

(Sadly, you won't be able to romance this character in this time)

You can purchase Trap Legend on Steam for the promotional price of $8.99 until the 24th of July, at which point the visual novel will cost $9.99. You can find a demo of the game, as well as the adult content patch, over on the developer's website.

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