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Yamaneko Soft’s action RPG, Lord Knight Komplex - Knightess in the Magic Castle is available on DLsite.

Lord Knight Komplex - Knightess in the Magic Castle is a side-scrolling action game that features the female lord knight, Emilia von Steinberg, from Ragnarok Online, as the protagonist. She belongs to the Order of Prontera and has been working with other adventurers on a dangerous quest. That said, no prior knowledge of Ragnarok Online is necessary to enjoy this particular game.

Lord Knight Komplex - Knightess in the Magic Castle combines a side-scrolling world with 3D character models. Kill your enemies and jump over obstacles to reach different locations. Enemies will continue to spawn in areas outside of town, so don’t linger outside for too long unless you are trying to earn some money and items. You can buy and equip weapons and accessories to give you new attacks and stat adjustments. Emilia can wield swords, tomahawks, knives, magic, and more. You can also find secret items hidden around the maps.

There are over twenty types of enemies in the game. If you get knocked down by an enemy and are on the ground for too long, you'll get an h-scene with the enemy that downed you. If you still have health by the time the enemy cums, you can continue, but if your health bar runs empty, you'll be transported to the last save point you saved at. There are no game overs and you will not lose any progress from dying. You can take a better look at the h-scenes in the 3D gallery, where you can choose the scene you want, customize Emilia’s appearance, zoom in, and rotate with the camera. To unlock the scenes in your gallery, you will need to either defeat the enemy or lose to it.

A side-scrolling action RPG with the female Lord Knight from R*gnarok Onl*ne as the protagonist.

However, the game can be enjoyed even if you aren't familiar with the source material!

In this 2.5D game (a 2D scroller made using almost entirely 3D models),

you play as the Knightess Emilia, and use swords, knives, tomahawks, and more to destroy your enemies.

Gather power-up items, and blast through the fields and dungeons!

If enemy attacks bring you to 0 HP, or you receive consecutive attacks, you will go down.

If you have HP, you can still get back up, but if monsters catch you in your downed state,

you'll be violated on the spot!

You can buy the English version of Lord Knight Komplex - Knightess in the Magic Castle on DLsite for $15.37. There is also a demo available so you can see if you like it first. Before you play the title, make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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