Putting the "Joy" back in joystick

Developer AliceSoft has announced plans for an English release of Evenicle 2, beginning with a demo of the game’s first seven chapters, titled Evenicle 2 - Clinical Trial Edition.

On the 9th of July, game developer AliceSoft has created an official Twitter account directed at their English-speaking audience. Initially, the account was used to tease fans with pixelated images, until today, when AliceSoft revealed their plans to publish Evenicle 2 in English.


Originally released in Japan last year, Evenicle 2 takes place in a world connected to, but different from the one seen in the first game. In this story, you play as Alex, a wandering doctor who has access to a lost skill known as “Medica”. With this ability, Alex can cure nearly every disease, and most importantly, he can cure diseases caused by the Hero Syndrome: a mysterious curse that makes humans catch random diseases when using skills in combat. Obviously, there’s a catch to Alex’s powers: the miracle cure is present in his seminal fluid, which he can only distribute by having sex with his patients. To complicate matters further, in this world, having sex with someone means marrying them.

Throughout the game, you will be exploring six different continents, trying to discover secrets behind the hero syndrome, battling foes in a turn-based combat system, and saving heroines by adding them to your harem of wives. Just as with the first game, Evenicle 2 features character designs by Nan Yaegashi, famous for his work on the Senran Kagura franchise.

In the world of Evenicle, marriage is set in stone not with a ceremony, but with sexual intercourse!

・ Meet and heal all kind of cute girls from around the world.

・ Dozens of fun and weird diseases, like the fearsome "Boob Gigantification Syndrome".

・ Expand your family and travelling party with every successfully cured patient.

・ Unlock unique events to deepen your bonds with your many wives.

Fight against hordes of monsters with an intuitive turn-based RPG system!

・ Level up your characters and unlock unique skills for each of the five different classes.

・ Watch out for the many debuffs caused by the diseases inflicted by the Hero Syndrome.

・ Power up and specialize your characters with every cured affliction.

・ Capture all the cute yet dangerous gal-monsters living around the world.

Roam seamlessly across the vast world map of Evenicle 2!

・ Learn about the unique cultures of six different continents.

・ Face many dungeons that will test your party strength and surviving skills.

・ Find dozens of weird curiosities and romantic spots to flirt with your girls.

・ Learn about the secrets that connect this world to the land of Evenicle 1.

A unique tale that will make you laugh and fall in love with its characters!

・ Original Japanese voice-overs.

・ Massive story that will keep you entertained for dozens of hours.

・ Tons of nonsensical fun and references as per typical Alicesoft style.

・ A certain fan-favorite girl from Evenicle 1 is returning for a cameo...!

Evenicle 2 will be localized and published by AliceSoft themselves and will first be released in the form of a free demo, titled Evenicle 2 - Clinical Trial Edition. The free demo will contain the first seven chapters of the game, featuring Alexi’s first wife Yuragi, three party members, six diseases to cure, and two monsters that can be captured. Saves from the demo won’t be compatible with the full version, though you will be able to start your adventure from the endpoint of the demo in the full version.

You can already find a store page for Evenicle 2 - Clinical Trial Edition on Steam, where it is expected to become available within the coming weeks.

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