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A Kickstarter campaign opens for Student Union, a mystery drama visual novel and dating sim.

We originally wrote an article about Student Union when the demo was released. The plot follows Lane Fox, a student in his final year of high school. He needs some work ASAP, so he asks the faculty for help. Luckily, the assistant principal, Mr. Underwood might have a position available, but it will take effort on Lane’s part to make it a reality. Lane will need to organize and lead a student organization tasked with supporting and maintaining the school’s institution. He has until the end of the week to gather at least four more students to join the group or he’ll lose this work opportunity.

Seeing behind the justifications and half-truths, Lane learns that the school administration is more devious than anyone could have expected. Something dangerous is happening behind closed doors. Lane realizes that the creation of a student organization is more than necessary for the school.

Belwo, you can check out the cast of characters.

There will be over forty hours of gameplay, including branching routes and sub-routes. You'll have multiple decisions to make over the course of the game and your choices will determine your ending. There are over ten achievable endings, as well as a secret route that leads to a hidden ending. As of now, a total of five love interests will be available: Holly, Rosalyn, Alice, Natasha, and Ms. Webb. Additionally, if a specific stretch goal is reached, Principal Decker will be added to the roster.

Visual Novel Village is asking for $32,000 to fund Student Union, with digital and physical rewards available to pledges. Digital rewards include a desktop wallpaper, a Steam or Itch.io key for the game, soundtrack, and artbook. You can get a copy of the game, soundtrack, and art book as physical copies. The other physical rewards include a medium-size poster of Principal Decker, taking a tipsy selfie, T-shirts of the love interests, and acrylic stands. If they make the goal, there are seven stretch goals available.

Multiple alternative outfits for all character sprites will be unlocked, for seasonality and special event scenes!

Ms. Decker will have her own detailed character route, unlocked only for "New Game+" mode once you've reached at least one ending!

An optional but important feature— toggled off via the menu! Intense moments together can lead to intimate moments. All characters are canonically over the age of 18.

Every visual novel deserves a pinch of tasteful fan service! This goal unlocks an involved beach chapter of the story with its own branching paths to take.

With this goal, we'll be empowered to create brief, fully animated cutscenes for important plot points!

The full game's menu interface, dialogue, and rendered text in backgrounds and items will be translated into Chinese!

This is a huge one for us— a shot at the moon. With this goal, we'll be able to hire voice actors for all major characters and provide partial voice acting to the full game.

So far, as of writing, the Kickstarter campaign for Student Union is sitting at $2,861 with 29 days left, ending on August 9th. If you are interested in checking out more information on the game, consider checking out Visual Novel Village’s Kickstarter page. There's even a demo that can download from Steam and Itch.io.

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