If it's a hole, it's a goal.

Collect character cards of the Taimanin girls in Taimanin Collection: Asagi Battle Arena, now available for free on Steam.

Developed by Lilith and published by Infini-Brain Inc., Taimanin Collection: Asagi Battle Arena is a free-to-play memory card flip game, featuring the girls from Taimanin Asagi: Battle Arena. The plot of Taimanin Asagi takes place in a demonic version of Tokyo, filled with demons. The ancient rule prohibited demons from interfering with humans, but after the corruption of humanity, the pact was broken and demons invaded. The Japanese government responded to the situation by forming a special force of ninjas to combat the demon threat.

In the memory game, you need to flip over cards and match all the pairs to proceed to the next stage. Each card can be flipped up to five times, and you can use the hint button to match up one pair for free. If you match a pair in a single try, you will receive bonus hints to create more pairs for free. You will earn points based on your results and each time you earn five hundred game points, you will receive game point rewards.

Log in daily to collect gems to be used in the gacha, of which there are two kinds: standard and premium. There are over two hundred unique character cards to collect, separated into three different factions: Taimanin, UFS, and Demons. These cards can unlock erotic scenes from the game if you have the 18+ patch downloaded. More cards and games are scheduled to be released in future updates of the game.

Gacha: Standard Gacha

- You can spend Blue Gems on Standard Gacha roll to acquire ★1 to ★5 cards.

- You can earn Blue Gems from Login Bonus, Level Up, and Game Point Rewards.

Gacha: Premium Gacha

- You can spend Red Gems on Premium Gacha roll to acquire ★2 to ★6 cards.

- You can earn Red Gems from Login Bonus, or purchase them from Store.

Gacha: Mileage Gacha

- For each overlap cards from Standard Gacha/Premium Gacha, you gain a portion of Mileage Gauge.

- When the Mileage Gauge is full, you can roll Mileage Gacha to acquire one non-overlap ★2 to ★6 card.

※ The number of cards for each rarity is as follows:

★6 × 4 / ★5 × 26 / ★4 × 28 / ★3 × 44 / ★2 × 64 / ★1 × 80

You can play Taimanin Collection: Asagi Battle Arena for free on Steam. There is a free 18+ patch available on taimanin3000.com.

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