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A lone girl does her best to survive in the brutal world of LonaRPG, a survival action RPG being developed by Eccma417.

LonaRPG is a survival action RPG taking place in a dark fantasy depiction of the Middle Ages. The player controls the titular Lona, who's a peasant girl with little in terms of backstory. At some point, Lona decided to become an adventurer, with her first task being to curb the giant rat population in the sewers while looking for a missing person. The task may sound simple, but even a swarm of rats may be overwhelming for a lonely girl armed with a stick, and the depths of the sewers may hide even worse foes.

The game has a demanding level of difficulty, focusing mainly on having the player find a way to live in its dark and gruesome world, with there being seemingly little in terms of a main plot — at least for now. The combat system in LonaRPG is one of the first things you’ll be introduced to. Lona can access up to eight hotkeys for skills, the most basic of which are light and heavy attacks, as well as an evasive dash. Making use of any skills or performing certain interactions with the environment depletes Lona’s stamina, which can only be restored by resting. Resting, in turn, increases the heroine’s hunger, forcing the player to be on a lookout for food and to pick their fights wisely.

Hunger isn’t the only survival aspect to keep in mind, as the game’s simulation element demand that you take care of Lona’s overall mental and physical health, represented by her mood. You'll need to bathe regularly, and may receive wounds that take a long time to heal on their own. There are no character classes in the game, but the player can pick from three optional skills, which will determine Lona's personality and adjust her statistics. Depending on the skill chosen, she can be tough, depressed, or a nymphomaniac. Choosing any one or neither of these will affect Lona’s expressions and dialogue. Aside from these traits, each level the player can choose between rising one of the heroine’s statistics, or learning new skills that unlock features such as alchemy, magic, traps, or prostitution.

The gameplay loop in the current version of LonaRPG is built around taking new quests from the mercenary guild, and fulfilling them to earn gold needed for food and improved equipment. The game uses a barter system where every item, including coins, has to be sold for Trade Points, which can then be used to acquire goods from NPCs. However, once the player leaves their current location, unspent TP is lost. Aside for buying equipment to better arm themselves, Lona can hire other adventurers, who will follow her and use their abilities to her aid.

As mentioned earlier, with the right abilities Lona can prostitute herself, which can be helpful when the player’s short on food, or simply enjoys playing a lewd character. A large portion of sexual content in LonaRPG is not consensual, though. If Lona runs out of stamina she will fall to the floor, and become capable only of crawling. Enemies may use this chance to rape her, maybe even enslave and torture her. This is not always a game over, as the player may be given a chance to escape from slavery after the cutscene. LonaRPG features animated sprite sex, CGs, and some rudimentary animated cutscenes. While most of the game's fetishes are mandatory, scat and watersports are optional and turned off by default.

LonaRPG is being developed by eccma417. You can read more about the game, support it, and download the demo from eccma417’s Pixiv Fanbox or Subscribestar.

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