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After receiving a strange call about a job offer, Mike finds out it’s anything but ordinary in Job Day.

Job Day is a visual novel dating sim with point and click gameplay and time management. You play as Mike, who receives a call in the middle of the night about a job offer at a prestigious company. Since his position is very important, they scheduled for someone to pick him up the next day.

After he arrives, Mike meets Ms. Lane, the woman who employed him and his boss-to-be. She suddenly tells Mike about deviants, deviations of humans with extra abilities and how they live among humans peacefully. To maintain the peace, an organization called, The Covenant of the Sacred Pact was created. Mike thinks Ms. Lane is joking around until Ms. Lane transforms, revealing that she is a deviant herself. After she convinces Mike, Ms. Lane explains that she hired Mike due to his expertise as a weeb. He will work as a negotiator for the Covenant to investigate unwanted deviant sightings and deviant activity.

In Job Day, you have a day and night cycle along with an energy gauge shaped like a battery. The time cycle is separated into four time periods, morning, noon, night, and end of day. Time will pass when you do an activity, sleep, or wait for the next cycle by clicking the time skip button. Make sure to keep track of things, as some activities can only be done at certain times of day. The battery-shaped energy gauge tells you have much energy you have to complete tasks before you need to sleep. When you run out, you cannot do any activities that require energy, leaving you to recharge, so to speak, by sleeping in your apartment.

While at your new job and apartment, you will meet girls that you can get close to and eventually have sex with. Though, you will need to impress her and gain her affection first. Performing tasks, like completing a short minigame multiple times, will earn you money and impress her. If you have done enough, you will eventually unlock a new event scene with her.

There are also secrets hidden around the game, and if you ever have trouble figuring out what to do, click the question mark at the top right of the screen to make your genie assistant appear. She’ll provide hints on what to do next and where to find secrets.

Title: Job Day (working title)


Game Genre:

Visual Novel, Dating sim, Sexual Content, NSFW, Renpy

(early development cycle)





-muscle girl




-office lady


The Job Day 1.5b public release is currently available for PC and android. You can download it from BlueArtGames' Patreon, where you can also support the developer, if you feel inclined.

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