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Video game publisher Sekai Project provides an update for ongoing projects and announces new ventures during KuroCon 2020.

Sekai Project has appeared on KuroCon 2020 and made a number of updates regarding their ongoing project, as well as revealed four new upcoming games. KuroCon was an online convention that took place between July 4th and 5th on Twitch. It has served as a way for the community to gather and celebrate from the safety of their homes.

For their first announcement, Sekai Project reveals that Harumade Kururu, which was announced on Anime Expo 2018, is nearing the end of its development, with the publisher getting ready to enter the quality assurance phase. Their plans are to release the visual novel sometime this year. For those who haven’t heard of it, Harumade Kururu is a comedy visual novel about a man being forced to accept a harem of very lustful girls who won’t take no for an answer. The story then begins to shift in increments, moving away from its nukige premise into more bizarre and unexpected territory. The visual novel has been developed by Sumikko Soft.

Love's Sweet Garnish 2, announced at the Anime Expo last year, has also been slated for a 2020 release. The visual novel is a direct sequel to the cat café slice of life story. The initial release will only feature the Chinese language, with English support coming in an update at a later date.

The Ditzy Demons Are in Love With Me - Fan Disc containing a couple of after stories following heroines of the original game will also come out this year. The visual novel is already going through its QA phase, and may hit the online shelves pretty soon. The Ditzy Demons Are in Love With Me is a comedy visual novel about a man being assigned as an assistant teacher to a special dormitory for useless demon girls, who fail at fulfilling their stereotypical roles.

Watakubi's Island Diary, which was first announced on Anime Expo 2017, is also nearing the end of its development cycle. The planned release date has been set for winter of this year. The visual novel will follow an amnesiac, who was found at the shore of an island populated by animal-eared girls.

Up next, Hoshizora no Memoria will receive a free HD update. Details regarding it will come later in a Kickstarter post. Hoshizora no Memoria Eternal Heart will also be releasing in HD. The visual novels follow a young man returning to his home village to look for his childhood love. During his adventure he makes new friends, including a young girl who claims to be the Grim Reaper.

For the final project update, NEKOPARA Vol. 4: Noël avec les filles-chat et Patissier has been scheduled for a November 2020 release. This installment of the series will see the team go on a trip to the hot springs. Kashou will also visit France to meet with Maple and Cinnamon’s teacher, as well as her catgirl helper.

Moving on to new project announcements, Sekai Project will bring Please Be Happy to Steam and Nintendo Switch sometime in the future. The heartwarming visual novel will follow Miho, a Korean fox searching for a traveler who shown her kindness in the past. Over time, she became mostly human, and has started to look for her savior. She eventually arrives in New Zealand, where she makes friends with Juliet, the owner of a small library, and Aspen, an aspiring novelist. Her new friends help her learn more about human kindness.

Please Be Happy is being developed by Studio Élan, and features character designs made by Kobuta. The visual novel is planned to hopefully release this year, there's already a Steam page if you'd like to keep an eye on it.

The finale to Palette’s urban fantasy mystery series 9-nine- is now officialy on its way with Sekai Project announcing 9-nine-: Episode 4. The franchise follows a group of young people investigating a murder mystery driven by magical powers of artifacts that suddenly appeared within the academic city of Shiromitsugawa. Each episode in the series focuses on a different heroine, with the finale giving that role to Yuuki Noa. The third part of the series is currently also in development.

Sekai Project has also mentioned KARAKARA3, which they initially spoke about in 2018. Developed by calme, the visual novel is the final chapter to the KARAKARA series. The series takes place during the senescence of the human species. Leon and Lucia try to lead a quiet life running a diner, until Leon is called by kidnappers who claim that they’ve gold a hold of one of his female friends. Sekai Project hasn’t said much about the game, other than that more detail will come very soon.

Finally, from Whirlpool, the developer of the Neko-nin exHeart series, comes a romantic comedy about a dragon girl, titled Slobbish Dragon Princess. The visual novel will follow a young NEET who lives in a dilapidated dojo. He and his family are known for their martial arts prowess; however, the protagonist refuses to work and his father is deadbeat. One day the hero finds a lizard-like creature and decides to cook it up, but his friend Suzuka stops him, names the lizard Haru, and keeps it as a pet. Some time later, dragons from space attack earth, but Haru transforms into a dragon princess and saves the earth. This way begins a slice of life romance story about unusual people living together. Slobbish Dragon Princess is scheduled to release sometime this year.

You can read the full announcements on Sekai Project's blog.

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