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A lonely shrine goddess takes interest in a middle-aged virgin in Polymation Games’ Yui(Knot) - The Forgotten Girl, a kinetic romance visual novel now available on DLsite.

Yui(Knot) - The Forgotten Girl is an urban fantasy visual novel, taking place in Japan. The protagonist of the story is Shokichi Namino, a shy and frail man in his late thirties who, after being fired from his job, fell asleep at a bus stop. He wakes up late at night and sees an illuminated road going up the mountain, which he decides to climb. At the top, he finds a shrine and is attacked by evil spirits. Fortunately, the goddess of the shrine shows up in time to save him.

Yui is the goddess of the knot, or in other words, a goddess of marriage. Her temple has been largely forgotten about, and so she spends her days there in loneliness. She invites Shokichi into his temple and spends time with him, eventually using him to satisfy her sexual desires as well.

Yui(Knot) - The Forgotten Girl is a kinetic visual novel. The entirety of the game consists of a lengthy 3D cutscene with Japanese voice acting and English subtitles presented in a fashion similar to visual novels. The story explores the relationship between Shokichi and Yui and features multiple casual sex scenes, in which Yui often takes the leading role. During sex scenes, you have access to multiple camera settings, as well as the ability to control the camera directly.

*The Beginning of the Story

It's a story of a frail thirty-something protagonist who is tired of life and meets a woman.

It happened in a small shrine I visited by a strange coincidence....

A dull, life-weary old man (in his late 30s) and a young girl meet...


Looks like he's about ** years old.

She has long black hair, red eyes, and a naughty little kimono.

The strange girl who speaks in an old man's language with a high and mighty attitude.

*Shokichi Namino

Late 30s, single, virgin, never been with a woman.

A systems engineer working in a small software house.

He's an all-time associate, despite his ability to make few mistakes.

I'm honest but awkward in relationships.

He is often taken advantage of by others or forced into a roundup because he is feeble.

*Summary of sex scenes

Complete male acceptance, no reversals at all. However, there is no hard blame.

Equipped with a camera switching function. You can switch between auto, preset,

close-up, protagonist subjective and manual movement.

*Sex positions

Normal position, cowgirl position, doggie style, Blow Job, cunnilingus, seated position,

hand job, face riding, inverted anal torture.

You can purchase Yui(Knot) - The Forgotten Girl on DLsite for $17.39 (estimated from ¥1,870). A demo of the game is available on the store page.

To make sure that the game installs and plays properly, you may have to configure your system to the Japanese locale. DLsite offers a handy guide on how to do so, which is available here.

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