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MangaGamer Announces Localization of Jeanne at the Clock Tower ~Jeanne a la Tour d'Horloge~

Liarsoft’s romantic fantasy, Jeanne at the Clock Tower ~Jeanne a la tour d’horloge~, will be localized by MangaGamer.

Jeanne at the Clock Tower ~Jeanne a la tour d’horloge~ is an isekai eroge that begins near the end of World War II. Roland, a soldier of the Free French Forces, and his friend Olivier participate in the Invasion of Normandy to free their motherland. As their aircraft was about to descend on an enemy position for a raid, it was exposed by enemy fire.

After a crash landing, Roland and Olivier leave their aircraft and enter a dark forest, where they run into a group of cavaliers. This seemingly medieval group was led by Edwalda, a female knight clothed in a black dress. The cavaliers end up attacking the pair. Quick to protect Olivier, Roland shields him with his body. This action causes him to be fatally injured, falling unconscious shortly after.

When he wakes up, Roland finds himself near a calm forest spring with Jeanne, the girl who nursed him back to health. Strangely, his deadly wounds are completely healed, as if he was never injured in the first place. Unfortunately for Roland, everything was real and he also finds out that the world he has woken up in is not his own. It is a world caught in an eternal conflict and endless bloodshed. Jeanne is the fated maiden trapped and "captive of time" at the center of this history of war. However; when Roland and Jeanne met, the clock tower ran once more, marking a renewed passage of time. The two of them set off on a journey in this strange distorted world.

You can read more about the announcement for Jeanne at the Clock Tower ~Jeanne a la tour d’horloge~ on MangaGamer’s blog.

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