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Disclaimer: Last Evil is being published by Critical Bliss, a publishing company owned by LewdLogic, who also owns LewdGamer.

A lone succubus fights for the freedom of her king in Flametorch’s Last Evil, a deck-building card game published by Critical Bliss on Steam.

Last Evil takes place in a fantasy world where humans won in their fight against the demons and sealed their leader deep in a dungeon. You play as the very last succubi still alive, who decided to delve deeper into the dungeon and free her master, so that demons may rise once again.

The game is a roguelike deck-building strategy. You will be fighting against various guardians of the dungeon in turn-based battles, during which you can defend yourself using a variety of spell cards. To play your cards you will need to spend either mana, which regenerates each turn, or lust, which you have to gather along the way with each sexual encounter. Defeating your opponents will allow you to collect their essence, which can then be used to purchase new cards or discard ones that became needless. Aside from battles, while exploring the dungeon you can also come across story events, whose outcomes will be dictated by your choices.

Last Evil features over seventy erotic animations and more than twenty images. During her adventure, the succubus can charm men into having intercourse with her. She might also become a victim of rape herself due to ambushes, traps, special encounters, and other reasons. The game features jiggle physics, fluid dynamics and effects, and an optional system for body inflation based on collected essence. The main character can be customized with different breast sizes, hairstyles, as well as hair and eye colors.

Humanity has sealed the great demon away.

Sealed away deep in the earth, hidden in a maze of sewers.

What few demons remain are scattered, slaughtered like game animals in a great hunt.

This is the story of a succubus, last of her kind.

She sets forth to rebuild an empire of evil, a civilization of sin.

To wake the great demon once more and take revenge upon the humans who slaughter her race like fodder.

Overcome the humans who stalk the catacombs thirsting for slaughter. Break those feral demons, made beastial by the loss of their king...

This succubus will need to muster every ounce of strength she has.

• Jiggle and cloth effects.

• Fluid dynamics and effects.

• Belly inflation based on Essence (Optional)

• 70+ spell cards for battle.

• 40+ different artifacts.

• 30+ Encounters with different scenes.

• Scintilating Adults Only content over +20 images, and +70 debaucherous animations!

You can now purchase Last Evil on Steam. During the Steam Summer Sale, the game is available for a promotional price of $8.99. After July 9th it will cost $9.99.

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