Sony Ponys and Xboners together at last

Locked in an unknown room, Daichi and Seiji are forced to make ten cruel choices in Room No. 9, now available for pre-order on MangaGamer.

Developed by parade, who created NO, THANK YOU!!!, Room No. 9 is a psychological horror about two men, trapped in a room and made to participate in an experiment. When Daichi Kobayashi gets cheated on and dumped by his girlfriend, he decides to go on a ten day vacation with his best friend, Seiji Azumi. After their flight to Okinawa, they got on a bus and enjoyed the sights. Unfortunately, that’s all Daichi could remember.

When Daichi and Seiji woke up, they were in an unfamiliar room. None of the doors would open and the windows were actually monitors that displayed images of the outside. As they continued to search for clues about their whereabouts, they found one monitor that was different from the rest. It had just one sentence, “You have been selected to participate in a behavioral analysis experiment.”

In order to leave the room, Daichi and Seiji will have to complete the tasks presented on the screen as instructed. There are ten choices to make. Either Seiji will need to physically harm Daichi or Daichi will need to sexually degrade Seji. The tasks will start off easy, but as time goes on, they become more and more extreme.

Daichi Kobayashi

Test Subject A

Age: 21

Blood Type: O

Height: 172cm (5’8″)

A kind-hearted young man with a sunny disposition and the protagonist of the game. He might seem like a bit of a loser to some, but he gets things done when it matters, and doesn’t sweat the small stuff.

He’s a senior on scholarship at a public university with hopes of becoming an elementary school teacher. He has no relatives to speak of.

He’s straight and rather sexually uninhibited. Since it doesn’t take much for him to fall head over heels for a woman, he has a history of getting into relationships with less than savory characters. After his girlfriend cheated on him and dumped him, he decided to take Seiji on the trip he’d planned to go on with her.

He’d never say it out loud, but he thinks of Seiji as his dearest friend and believes Seiji feels the same way about him.

Seiji Azumi

Test Subject B

Age: 21

Blood Type: AB

Height: 176cm (5’9″)

A calm and intelligent young man. Seiji is the second son of a government official, member of an upper class family, and a senior at a fairly prestigious private university. He’s an honest, kind-hearted and well-mannered person, but he isn’t one to actively seek out other people.

He’s straight and while it goes without saying that he’s popular with members of the opposite sex––being such a catch with no perceptible flaws––he’s rather uptight and hasn’t had very many partners.

Daichi has been his best friend since middle school. He’d never say it out loud, but he thinks of Daichi as his dearest friend and he believes Daichi feels the same way about him.

Room No. 9 will be released on MangaGamer and Steam on August 6th. You can pre-order the game on MangaGamer at the discounted price of $26.95; the game's full price will be $29.95.

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