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JAST USA Announces English Localization of Shoujo Dominance - My Precious Reina

Reina just wants to be together forever with her father in Monoceros+'s visual novel, Shoujo Dominance - My Precious Reina.

Monoceros+, the developers of Amayakase - Spoiling My Silver Haired Girlfriend,and JAST USA are cooperating to release Shoujo Dominance - My Precious Reina. The game will be released in Japanese for Japan and English for international audiences on July 22nd, 2020. The English version will be fully uncensored and sold digitally on the JAST USA.

The story is about Reina, a girl who loves her father (or daddy; you choose which she calls you by) a little too much. She wants you to take her virginity and see her as more than just a daughter. You’re just a single father, balancing your work and home life, all too aware of Reina's feelings. She's aware of your carnal desires and she's just been waiting for you to fuck her.

The game will also give you the option to have Reina wear or remove her glasses.

Quote comes from J-List’s blog on Shoujo Dominance - My Precious Reina.

The story follows Reina, a girl who is a bit too much into her father or daddy, depending on what you choose for her to call you. She’ll stop at nothing until he (you) notices that. Love blooms in this tale of a daughter searching for the right person, just to find out that love has always been next to her.

“Akashi-san, what kind of person is your ideal type?” Reina wants nothing more than to have somebody who will cherish and protect her. Little do her friends realize that her father is the first person to come to mind.

The following images have taken from the Monoceros+ website and do not reflect the official English release.

Shoujo Dominance - My Precious Daughter Reina will release July 22nd on JAST USA. You can read more about the localization on J-List.

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