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Crowdfunding Campaign for Foul Play: A Yuri Visual Novel Launches on Kickstarter

Bandit Visual Games is currently holding a Kickstarter campaign to gather funds for their visual novel, Foul Play: A Yuri Visual Novel.

Bandit Visual Games is a lesbian couple of developers with backgrounds in various fields. The pair felt that lesbian romance is an underrepresented field in media, and decided to help expand that representation on their own. This has led them to create a yuri visual novel, titled Foul Play.

The plot of Foul Play will follow a female detective with a brilliant track record, save for her one weakness: handling female suspects. Initially, the main character will dismiss her interest in women, but question it nonetheless. At the beginning of the story, the detective will be tasked with catching an elusive female assassin, who keeps evading the Secret Service. Winter, the assassin, will try to draw out the protagonist's secret desires, and it will be up to you to decide whether you bring Winter to justice or fall in love with her.

You play as a straight-laced investigator who has always been bound to the rules and you successfully live an unfulfilling, stable, mundane life. Although you're apt at solving crimes from behind a desk, you have an impressive track record of fumbling when you come across criminals of a more... feminine nature.

Just as you're starting to question if you're really as vanilla, average, and...straight as you thought, you are given a last chance at redemption: catch a mercurial, high-profile assassin who has been toying with the secret service for her own personal thrills. When your paths cross, you'll have to decide how pure your conscience really is. After all, justice is subjective.

You find yourself drawn to the assassin. She is unfiltered, bold and embodies the kind of power that you begrudgingly admire in another woman. She's also not too hard on the eyes. In return, she seems particularly fascinated with pushing you to the limits in order to unveil a darker side of you and unleash your deepest desires.

To bring their vision to life, Bandit Visual Games will require help from the community in funding the development of Foul Play. At the very minimum, the team needs to gather $4,000. This will allow them to produce a base version of the game featuring a romance plot with Winter and three endings. There are also plans for potential stretch goals. Increased funding would allow the developers to add more routes, artwork, and original music.

Bandit Visual Games is assured that they can bring Foul Play to life if they gather the desired funding, listing their ambitious production schedule as the only potential challenge. They have also warned that, if something doesn’t go according to plan, the visual novel may potentially release a bit later than the anticipated May 2021 release date.

If you’re interested in the project, you can help crowdfund Foul Play on Kickstarter. A pledge of $10 or more will guarantee you a copy of the visual novel upon its release. Additional tiers offer access to wallpapers, the artbook, physical posters, the ability to introduce a custom character, and a customized gift pack, including a phone case, vinyl stickers, a keychain, and a phone case. The campaign will last until July 30th. A portion of the visual novel’s sales will be donated to a non-profit LGBT organization local to the developer’s area.

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