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[UPDATED] Visual Novel Village Releases Demo for Student Union on Steam and

[UPDATE] June 29, 2020 6:13 EDT: Fixed spelling errors with a character name and removed a few screenshots that may contain spoilers.

In the thriller dating sim Student Union, Lane notices some weird occurrences while recruiting for a paid student organization.

Student Union follows Lane, a boy starting his senior year in high school who needs some quick cash. Luckily for him, the assistant principal, Mr. Underwood, has come up with an interesting solution. He wants Lane to put together and lead a student organization tasked with supporting and maintaining the school. In order for this organization to exist, Lane needs to recruit at least four more members before the end of the week.

As he goes about, trying to recruit students and performing Student Union duties, Lane realizes that there are sinister forces at work behind the school administration. Will Lane use his authority to solve the mysteries of the school, or take advantage of the situation to earn more money?

Student Union will have five character routes and optional 18+ content. There will be multiple endings, over forty hours of gameplay, thirty backgrounds, fifty CGs, and forty original music tracks. Visual Novel Village also plans to open a Kickstarter campaign for Student Union, which is currently undergoing review. Some of the stretch goals they have planned are a sixth character route and twenty more CGs.

Here are the girls character files, followed by some sample images:

Samantha Webb

- Decent art instructor

- Very impatient

- Independent

- Unnecessary staff

- Relation with parents strained

- Romantic complications

- Minimal close ties

- Consider options

Rosalyn Young

- Held back two years

- Terrible motivation

- Bad influence

- Unstable home?

- Close to Samantha

- Hopeless case

Natasha Grey

- Good student

- Active in sports

- A loner

- Recent Russian immigrant

- Limited records

- Athletic scholarship potential

Alice Baker

- Top-tier student

- Perfectionist

- Bit of a bully?

- Dishonest

- Father on the ISS

- Middle Class

- Observe carefully

Holly Knight

- Average student

- Lazy, bored?

- Friends with everyone

- Wears cat ears…

- NOTE: Board member’s granddaughter

- In mourning

- Give preferential treatment

You can download the demo for Student Union on and Steam.

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