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Detective Visual Novel Raid Now Available on Steam

A woman returns to her rural hometown, only to be dragged into a criminal mystery in Ikuku’s Raid, a detective visual novel now available on Steam.

Raid is a detective mystery visual novel taking place in a remote, rural town hidden in the mountains. Known as Three Stones, the small town is populated by pious, simple folk, disinterested in modern comforts. The protagonist was born there, and now returns after spending some time away; however, the town has changed, and on her return, the heroine is entangled in a murder case, where it becomes her job to find the culprit.

The story of Raid unfolds slowly, at pacing inspired by Scandinavian TV shows. The direction of the story changes depending on the player’s choices, with multiple endings and epilogues awaiting at the end of the road. The game features an interactive detective’s board, listing suspects and uncovered clues to help the player organize their progress.

While Raid features scenes of sexual activity, their depiction is in text only, with no accompanying graphics.

"My future had to be the brightest. At least, that's what I thought."

Three Stones, small sleepy town on the edge of the world, hidden safe and sound behind the mountains. Our people are devout and pious, shunning from the vanities of the world. In this place misdeeds are a rare, and one stolen dog makes a scandal.

"My home."

Raid is a detective visual novel with choices and consequences, unfolding in a cold, slow-paced, lost-in-time way of the scandinavian tv-shows. It's a story about coming back home, to your new old life and being immediately dragged into a tornado of troubles. Now you need to find the one responsible for a crime before the hell breaks loose. Make your way through the second shard of the mirror universe. You'll make a good hound, your mentor told you.

The game features:

• second installment of the mirror universe;

• female protagonist and a colourful, wide and varied supporting cast;

• multiple different endings with some epilogues on top, concluding and explaining things that happened to some of the characters;

• choices that'll make you face the consequences of your actions;

• interactive detective board with suspects and clues;

• adult content;

• overally distressed characters and questions of belief;

You can purchase Raid on Steam at the promotional price of $5.39 until the 1st of July, at which point the game will cost $5.99.

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