Putting the "Joy" back in joystick

KAGAMI WORKS opens a Kickstarter campaign for Mirror 2, the sequel to the match-three puzzle game with sexy girls, Mirror.

The main focus of the Mirror 2 is similar to the first. It follows a legend about a magic mirror that transcends time and space. Obtaining the mirror gave you access different worlds, each with a beautiful woman who would take you on a journey. The first Mirror was a match-three game mixed with a love simulator. If you wanted to know more about the girls who took you on a journey, you had to beat them in a match-three game. By winning the match-three game, you would also master new skills. The rest of the story is determined by the choices you make.

Mirror 2 has moved from 2D to 3D in terms of graphics. Instead of the 2D portraits and scenes from the first game, the sequel will have real-time rendered 3D scenes. The world of Mirror has been brought to life and is more detailed than before.

Below are some of the girls you'll meet on your journey through the world of Mirror 2.

Dazzling Witchery Master

You’re a cadet of the Royal Academy of Witchery, who encountered professor Marfecca on a strange occasion and had been her apprentice ever since.

Sweet Dragon Maid

You were born in a noble family and are enjoying your happy life with the dragon maid, Lyn. But one day you got an omen from the Dragon God: one month later, you’ll fail the Dragon Knight Ascension Trail and become a disgrace of the family and be kicked out. But to save you, Lyn agreed to the unreasonable request of your father. Knowing your fate, would you be able to change it?

Dauntless Warrior Girl

For an otaku, there’s nothing more interesting than meeting a girl of mystery on a comic convention - Ketsuno Ana. You took her to the hotel but fainted, after you woke up, you’re in the Sengoku period with Ana as your commanding officer. With your incredible power of a warrior, would you able to save the vanishing Ketsuno family and save the life of your love?

You play as the protagonist of each story and experience your romance with your chosen girl and her world. You decide what you two will do each day and will make choices that will influence your girl’s life and the story’s ending.

The match-three gameplay has been optimized and made more complex. There are more powerful gems and the girls will be more responsive during the game compared to their responses in the previous Mirror. This time around, if you win, you can increase your stats.

KAGAMI WORKS is asking for $499,990 USD [estimated from $3,875,050 HKD] to fund Mirror 2. The rewards that you can get through pledging include copies of the game and DLC. As they reach their goal, there are ten milestones available to reach for — all of which appear to be listed in USD.

The Kickstarter campaign for Mirror 2 ends August 24th. It's set up as an all-or-nothing campaign, meaning it will only be funded if the goal is met. So far, as of publishing of this article, $8,992 USD [estimated from $69,694 HKD] of the goal has been pledged. If you wish to know more info on the campaign, or fund the game’s development, be sure to check out the Mirror 2 Kickstarter page.

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