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Create your own custom escort and watch her interact with a client in Somavision Games’ Escort Simulator, now available as Early Access on Steam.

Escort Simulator is a game that allows players to customize and view a sexual acts between a female escort and her male client. The player is given a selection of tools to edit the character model of the escort, after which they can enjoy seeing her perform striptease and sexual acts with a male character.

The game features comedic dialogue, lip sync, jiggle physics, body fluid dynamics, as well as a vast number of animated expressions and movements. The player can customize the female character’s skin, hair, breasts, butt, and face. Since the development is still ongoing, Escort Simulator is available as part of Steam Early Access.

Escort Simulator is an immersive simulation engine that turns the 'dating sim' on it's ear. You control the look and movements of an intimate couple while you listen to their hilarious responses and improvisation. Utilizing fully animated lip sync characters, custom jiggle body physics, body fluid dynamics and hundreds of hand animated expressions and movements, Escort Simulator strives to be one of the most entertaining mature games available on Steam.

Once you customize the model of your choice you can choose the outfit and pose that she should take before she strips bare for you. Among the multitude of options that you have at your disposal are skin type, hair style and color, as well and body customization for breasts, ass, and face. You can literally develop thousands of looks with your model to make her look like the girl next door or a completely wild and free spirit.

Each character has fully articulated lip sync that adds to the realism and immersion as they speak their requests and responses in a way that you have not seen before in mature themed gaming. Earn orgasm power while you pleasure your partner then advance to the climax boss battle for a happy ending all over your personal escort.

This game is intended for players 18 year of age or older. All content is fully mature and does not include censors or any required patches to view the fully nude content. As this game is early access, features and content to this game will be added on a regular basis. The developer seeks input directly from players as to future scenarios and additions to existing situations which can be enhanced.

You can purchase Escort Simulator on Steam for the promotional price of $11.99 until the 26th of June, at which point the game will cost $19.99.

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