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[UPDATE] 06-27-2020 4:00 PM EDT: The developer provided us with sample pictures of the game's adult content. You can find them in the gallery at the bottom of the article.

A magic student and his elvish friend go on a summer vacation in Sable's Grimoire: Man And Elf, a fantasy romance visual novel now available on Steam, FAKKU, and

Sable's Grimoire: Man And Elf is a fantasy romance visual novel about the titular Sable and his female elven friend, Lisha. Sable is studying magic at the Amdaronia Academy, and he has just passed his first year of education. Lisha invites him to spend the summer with her, at her house in the elf’s village. Once there, they come across a number of unusual and unsettling mysteries, such as serial kidnappings, graverobbers, and forbidden magic. Their dispositions keep them from turning a blind eye to these events, leading them towards an unexpected adventure.

The visual novel is a sequel to Zetsubou’s previous title, Sable's Grimoire. This new visual novel includes refreshers and explanations for readers who have missed the first title and features two endings, thirty CGs, and an original soundtrack created for the series.

As their first year together at Amadronia Academy comes to an end, Lisha and Sable make plans to spend their upcoming break together in her home. An elven village far away from their noisy classmates, where they can enjoy the break in peace, and be alone together at last.

What awaits them at their destination, however, is not the holiday they had planned. Their time away is soon spoiled by news of recent kidnappings and graves being robbed. To make matters worse, these crimes are alleged to have been committed by a dark elf.

Keen to investigate these incidents, Sable and Lisha move from town to town as they encounter one shocking revelation after another: mind control, forbidden magic, a human town where magic is the norm, and another side to her father's past which Lisha knew nothing about.

With all of the chaos going on around them, is a tender moment between man and elf too much to wish for?

You can purchase Sable's Grimoire: Man And Elf on Steam, FAKKU, and for the promotional price of $5.39 until the 26th of June, at which point it will cost $5.99.

Adult content for the Steam version of the visual novel needs to be installed separately. It’s available as a free DLC on Steam, as well as on the developer’s website.

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