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Celusis’ action platformer Core Awaken ~Jilelen and LittleSnow~ is now available on Steam.

We previously wrote an article covering Core Awaken ~Jilelen and LittleSnow~ when it was released on DLsite. The story takes place in a world where it’s forbidden to love a robot. If a human falls in love and gets married to a robot that resembles a human, no children would be born from the union. This would, presumably, cause the human population to decline if it were allowed to happen. A biologist named Limu wants to make it possible for robots to live just like humans. Along with the robotics expert JinLin and his assistant LittleSnow, Limu and the group head to the Crimson Dungeon to find the ancient beast relic.

In this action game, there are four difficulty levels; standard, hard, very hard, and no future. You play as two characters: Jilelen, a robot girl who is skilled in long ranged magic; and LittleSnow, JinLin's assistant who deals damage with items and her large hammer. While certain characters will be needed to solve puzzles and defeat enemies, you can switch between the girls and even execute team attacks. As you progress through the game, Jilelen can learn new spells and LittleSnow can learn new combat techniques.

[Special attack system]

* Jilelen can learn new magic spells at a certain place.

Use various kinds of magic by mixing and matching 6

types of magic elements and magic traces.

* LittleSnow can learn special techniques to increase her

combat ability when certain conditions are fulfilled.

[Trance system]

Jilelen and LittleSnow can enter a trance that fuses robotics and animals.

In these trances, they turn into animal forms, and can overcome

obstacles impossible for humanoid bodies.

[Village development system]

After finding the ruins of a village in the labyrinth,

Jilelen decides to turn it into her own secret base.

With the help of the villagers, the village can be rebuilt.

You can purchase Core Awaken ~Jilelen and Little Snow~ on Steam for the discounted price of $12.59. After June 26th, the sale will end and the price will return to $17.99. Unfortunately, the Steam version is censored, but you can restore the naughtiness by downloading the 18+ patch from Celusis Studio.

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