Fapping is more than just a game

Break down the bratty villainess and her wicked mother from an otomege in Aristocunts, now on the Steam store.

Cherry Kiss Games has published Norn / Miel’s nobility training nukige, Aristocunts. After waking up to a haughty woman with a whip, you realize you’re not in the real world. Instead, you’re stuck in an otome game and the girl standing before you is Elizabeth, the game's villainess. To make things even worse, you are in the body of Elizabeth’s servant, and she isn’t too forgiving seeing you sleeping on the job. Since you know this otome game inside and out, you try to tell her how her mother’s sinister plan to set her up with the prince will fail, but Elizabeth is offended that you used her first name in a casual way. Any warning you try to give is met with lashings from her whip.

It’s time to steer this game off its route and avoid the bad ending by reforming Elizabeth and her mother, Duchess Mirza. The best way to do that is by disciplining them into proper livestock with your dick. There’s hours of story content to enjoy and fifteen hardcore training scenes featuring the two stuck up bitches.

Waking up in an Otome Game? Meh, could be worse. Waking up as a servant of the bitchy villainess in an Otome Game? Wicked bummer! Thankfully you've cleared this game before and know the story inside and out, so its time to avoid a bad end by reforming these stuck up duchesses with something that transcends class and creed, your dick!

You can buy Aristocunts on Steam for the discounted price of $7.99. After June 19th, at 1:00 pm EDT, the sale will end and the price will return to its regular $9.99.

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