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IRODORI’s Master Magistrate, a mystery puzzle game published by HOBIBOX, is now available for purchase on Steam.

Master Magistrate follows the story of Shimei, a newly assigned Magistrate of Nakamachi. Shinmei’s job as the Magistrate includes the duties of a detective, lawyer, jury and judge. To help him uphold law and in Nakamachi, two of his friends follow him to the office: his tomboyish childhood friend, Rimu, and his headstrong rival, Sakura. He can also depend on the aid of the Shinsengumi, including their beautiful vice-commander Yamanami, and powerful swordswoman Okita.

The gameplay of Master Magistrate is divided into three sections. Controlling Shinmei, the player will be able to wander around the office and town areas, interacting with various characters and deepening their relationships together, until they’re given a new case. This is when the investigation begins, where the player will then have to gather clues from various characters and areas by investigating objects on the crime scene. Once Shinmei has a good idea of what happened, the trial will begin. The player has to cross-examine multiple testimonies while offering evidence until they uncover the truth. There’s no penalty for errors and no way of losing the game, but good performance is rewarded with access to additional story content.

Master Magistrate has recently left early access. The game offers 150 event CGs in various art styles, an instrumental soundtrack of over forty songs, an estimated twenty hours of story content, and full professional Japanese voice acting.

Detective. Lawyer. Jury. Judge. The Magistrate of Nakamachi is responsible for the well-being of everyone under his jurisdiction—and for the lives of those who violate the law. Fortunately, the magistrate doesn't work alone. His helpers' responsibilities include everything from police patrols to firefighting to paperwork. Mountains and mountains of paperwork.

Shimei Ooka: The newly-appointed Magistrate of Nakamachi, and the game's main protagonist. A scholar and a bookworm, Shimei knows his business, but will he be able to live up to his father's legacy as magistrate?

Rimu Hiraga: The tomboy inventor of the century! Rimu joined the Nakamachi magistrate's office as a junior officer, along with her childhood friend and stalwart companion Shimei. Her best talents, though, lean more to the mechanical.

Sakura Toyama: The daughter of the Magistrate of Kitamachi. Brilliant, but headstrong; capable, but intensely jealous of the magistrate's office that should have been hers...

Koume Kawai: A mysterious girl held in the magistrate's office jail in connection with a brutal murder. Kind, sweet, and clever—but what is she hiding...?

A band of vigilante police, outside of the direct control of the Shogunate—and, by extension, the magistrate—yet always willing to cooperate closely for the safety of the city. Their methods can be tough, but they're scarily effective. Together with the more transparent and accountable activities of the magistrate's office, these battle-hardened samurai are indispensable to the peace.

Takeru Kondo: The commander of the Shinsengumi. As long as the magistrate is still a rookie, Kondo will remain the real power behind the Nakamachi magistrate's office, but he's always happy to educate the fledgling officials under his wing.

Yamanami Ayaka: Vice-commander of the Shinsengumi. Yamanami is beautiful, charming, and extremely attentive to detail. She acts like a mother-figure to the whole Shinsengumi, keeping the dormitory clean and the day-to-day business running smoothly.

Shino Okita: A tight-lipped and laconic ace swordswoman. Absolutely terrifying in a fight, Okita is the perfect enforcer. Underneath the surface, though, could she have a softer side too...?

Toshikaze Hijikata: Childhood friend to Rimu and Shimei, and a highly-trusted officer in the Shinsengumi. Sloppy as he is in his private life, he's matured into an extremely reliable man.

You can purchase Master Magistrate on Steam for the promotional price of $23.99 until the 19th of June, at which point the game will cost $29.99. Adult content for the game is available separately in the form of a patch available on the developer’s website.

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