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Follow the relationship of two girls who start out as friends and develop into something more intimate in Apprehend; Girlfriend, now available on Steam.

Apprehend; Girlfriend is a yuri visual novel developed by Yume Creations, most known for visual novels featuring cute girls, such as Games&Girls and Imolicious. The story follows the daily lives of Rikka, a freelance artist, and her housemate Sena. The two girls live together in a Share House. They had a third tenant living with them, but she moved out recently, leaving them alone together. Rikka decides to use this as an opportunity to get closer to Sena. With each passing moment, the two of them will feel a bond much stronger than friendship. Will Rikka and Sena move on from just gal pals to girlfriends?

Apprehend; Girlfriend has multiple choices that will decide which ending you receive. It features original artwork and a soundtrack composed by Crysetbase.

Rikka lives in a Share House in Tokyo, making a living by working as a freelance artist.

Since the third tenant moved out recently, it's a good opportunity for her to get closer to her House Mate Sena.

They just started as normal friends, but with the time passing, they get closer and closer.

Soon there was no doubt left, that Rikka and Sena felt more for each other than friendship.

Will Rikka fall in love with another woman, besides being a woman herself?!

Apprehend; Girlfriend is available for PC and Linux. You can buy the game on Steam for the discounted price of $4.49. After June 23rd, the sale will end and the price will increase back to $4.99. An 18+ patch is available for you to download for free on Yume Creations’ site.

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