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A lust-powered magical girl and her boyfriend fight against an alien invasion in AliceSoft’s Beat Angel Escalayer R.

Beat Angel Escalayer R is a sci-fi visual novel with RPG elements. The story’s protagonist is a young man named Kyouhei Yanase. One day, his class receives a new transfer student: his childhood friend Sayuka Kouenji. While Kyouhei is happy about their reunion, Sayuka ignores him. At least, until aliens attack and Kyouhei finds Sayuka masturbating in an alley. As she orgasms, she transforms into a magical girl capable of repelling the evil invaders. Since Sayuka’s powers are based on her arousal and Kyouhei already knows her secret, she requests his help in making her even stronger.

Throughout the game, you will be controlling Kyouhei as he decides how to spend his days with Sayuka. Your goal is to help the magical girl grow stronger and defeat the alien invaders. Each day will have several phases you can use to strengthen Sayuka, help her rest, or fight to protect the city. Additionally, mandatory story events will happen at certain dates, keeping you on your toes. Combat in the game is rudimentary and mostly automatic, as Kyouhei can only watch as Sayuka, now transformed into the titular Escalayer, fights aliens. If you fail to defeat all monsters before the day ends, the town will lose a portion of its peacefulness, which may lead you to lose the game.

Beat Angel Escalayer R is an improved version of the original Beat Angel Escalayer. It contains expanded scenarios, renewed CGs along with completely new images, more erotic scenes, re-recorded voice acting, and an updated combat system.


The superhero tasked with fighting Dai-Lust and its monster army.

A power-generation device known as the Dynamic ba-Dump Dynamo (DDD for short) throbs within her body, allowing her to generate fearsome amounts of energy through increased sexual arousal.

She’ll get raped if she loses in battle, but that will ultimately prove to her benefit, as the DDD will generate energy regardless of how voluntary her arousal is. Her ultimate technique is the ”Sublimit Escalation,” wherein her ribbon blade tears her foes asunder.

Sayuka Kouenji

The girl who transforms into Escalayer.

A glasses-clad girl with a mostly-submissive personality, her consciousness has been transferred into a militarized bio-body. She’s quite curvy, but Sayuka herself is only concerned about her butt being too big.

Due to how essential the D2 energy her heart generates is for battle, she will never refuse any of Kyouhei’s requests, no matter how perverted the things he demands of her may be.

Madoka Kouenji

Escalayer’s support android.

She’s blunt and (at times) inconsiderate, which can cause problems for Sayuka and Kyouhei. Her programming is not based on the three laws of robotics, so she will do literally whatever it takes to destroy Dai-Lust.

Ryouko Kiritani

A widow who recently moved into the house next to Sayuka’s.

She’s kind to Kyouhei and Sayuka, her neighbors, and freely gives them advice whenever they come to her for help.

You can purchase Beat Angel Escalayer R on MangaGamer for the promotional price of $40.45. Later, it will return to its full price of $44.95.

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