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Douglas Byrd seeks funding for Succuquest, an action platformer about a lewd succubus trying to become a hero.

Douglas Byrd, also known as Changer, is an independent eroge developer, who made such titles as Adventure High, The Great North Pole Escape, Mind Conquest, and Spiral Clicker. He has now joined forces with pixel artist CypressDahlia and CG artist Chien Vietnam, to create an action platformer about a heroic Succubus, titled Succuquest.

In Succuquest, you take control of Fawn, a 22-year-old succubus who’s been sent to the mortal world to complete her training. Her task was to survive for a year and to help her achieve that goal, she was given a book about Heroes, the one thing she should avoid. Reading through it, Fawn concludes that heroes are hot, decides to become one herself in order to get their attention and drag them to bed. For her first quest, she’s already going to save a princess.

The game is an action platformer following classic gameplay formulas of the genre. Fawn can double jump, dash through foes and whip them into submission from the get-go. As she progresses through the story, she will be able to transform herself based on the kinks and desires of her foes. Doing so will change her move set, allowing her to traverse through previously unreachable areas and make her better suited to fighting certain enemies.

Changer usually funds his work through Patreon, but regular changes in their policy have made the platform unreliable, causing Changer to worry once mind control, one of his favorite kinks, was ousted in its policy updates. Thus, he decided to start a new project, featuring safer kinks, but still keeping with his style and tastes. This eventually lead to the creation of Succuquest.

The main goal of the crowdfunding campaign is to jump-start the budget for the art assets needed for the game. In the future, Changer would fund additional assets out of his own pocket, but the success of the crowdfunding will have a noticeable impact on the speed of the game's development.

You can find out more about Succuquest and support the campaign on Indiegogo. At the moment of writing, the campaign has gathered $1,050 out of the $2,500 flexible goal. The campaign will last until the 23rd of June. Additionally, a short demo of Succuquest is available on

Like with most crowdfunding campaigns, there are benefits to supporting Succuquest. For pledging $1 to the project, you will be included in the game’s credits; for $5, you’ll be given high-resolution artworks from the game; at $10, you’ll be able to access Succuquest early. Additional tiers offer the ability to become an NPC, receive live updates, see your portrait or statue in the hall of heroes, or even become one of the heroes who appear in the game.

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