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Help a cat restore restore a book to its former power Pugna’s Quest: Monster Girl Adventure, an erotic RPG from SaraKatka.

Pugna’s Quest: Monster Girl Adventure follows the titular character Pugna, a monster girl who wants to live a peaceful, quiet life, alone in the forest. It's pretty much impossible these days since so many humans have been coming to her forest. When Koshk, a talking cat from another world, is transported into her house, he asks her to help find his friend Book. After finding Book, Koshk finds out that she lost her powers and has fallen into a deep slumber. Now, Koshk is getting Pugna out of her comfort zone and into a world of adventure to wake Book up.

In Pugna’s Quest: Monster Girl Adventure, combat is turn-based with no random encounters. The game’s current build has your classic RPG Maker battle mechanics, but SaraKatka does plan to implement battle mechanics designed for two party members. There will be even more party members to choose from, so you will be able to switch them out. The outcome of a battle can change depending on which companion you bring into battle.

On your journey, you can help people with tasks, find hidden secrets, collect outfits, and play a fishing minigame. Outfits have different perks. They can be found whole or in pieces, and are either hidden or require an action to be obtained. In the fishing minigame, Koshk needs to catch as much as he can before the timer runs out. When you see bubbles appear in the water, run over to them to see what's biting, or if you caught anything at all. Continue this process until time runs out. What you catch is random and sometimes you'll hook something other than fish.

My name is Sarakatka and I'm currently developing an RPG Maker game called Pugna's Quest: Monster Girls Adventure. The story is set in a fantasy world filled with humans, magic, monsters and monster girls. You take control of Pugna, a monster girl who just wants to live a quiet life in the forest. An unexpected turn of events forces her to go out of her house and search for new adventures.

For the moment the game has only one location as an example for the future ones. It has 4 h-scenes, which include following fetishes: paizuri, wallstuck, ganbag, creampie, tentacles.

You can download the current build of Pugna’s Quest: Monster Girl Adventure, or support the game if you wish to, from SaraKatka’s Patreon page.

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