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ZetRayan is Developing the Fantasy Platformer Weinende Rose

Play as a catgirl and perform tasks for other monster girls in ZetRyan's, Weinende Rose, a sidescrolling platformer currently in development.

In Weinende Rose, you play as a helpful catgirl that runs errands for other monster girls, collecting items and fighting other monster girls along the way. There are also plans for cooking, house management and more features to come. In the 0.1.2. build of this 2D platformer, you can do two fetch quests for a succubus: one for an apple and another for four medicinal herbs. You can complete both quests at the same time. To find the items, you’ll need to maneuver around the world and search for them.

There will be enemies that will get in the way, which you can choose to just beat up or dodge past them. The plant girl can’t move, but she can hit you at close range and cause vines to rise up from the ground, whereas the slime girls will rush you and force you into a sex animation. You’ll need to break out of it in order to continue with the game. There's a progress bar that fills up while the slime girl is fucking the catgirl, but as of right now, it doesn't do anything. The slime girl doesn't harm you, but she does act as an obstacle. If you run out of health or fall down a pit, you'll lose all of your progress and have to start over.

The most useful tool is your scorpion shot or grappling hook. You can use it to hook onto orb-like objects to swing from one platform to another and use it to close the distance between you and the enemy. You can hook a slime girl and bring her closer to you or hook a plant girl and launch yourself towards her.

Our project is a small fantasy platformer in which you play as a catgirl, run errands for other characters in the game, collect items, fight monsters and bosses, cook food, and manage a small house and much more.

In this demo, you need to play as a catgirl who needs to complete several succubus tasks and return to her. Beat a couple of monsters and solve a couple of puzzles.

The web version of the game is slightly different from the download version and may have compatibility or performance issues.

The game itself will be much larger and it has Grand plans, but unfortunately, we can not do without support and if you like the project, .

You can play the current build of Weinende Rose on Itch.io. If you enjoyed the game, then consider donating to ZetRayan’s Patreon.

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