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Isometric Bullet Hell Guardians of the Ashes Now Available on Steam

A female soldier fights against demonic armies to prevent the return of the Demon Lord in Mature Games’ Guardians of the Ashes, an isometric bullet hell with puzzle elements.

Guardians of the Ashes is a fantasy game taking place in modern times. A female soldier named Nel was sent to investigate a group of criminals residing within the deserted city of Orland. While there, she discovers secret ruins, which hide the truth of the world’s origins and reveal an ancient threat. The demon lord is returning, and Nel is the one chosen to stand in his way. She’s not going to fight alone however, as a four guardian spirits offer her their aid.

The game is an isometric bullet hell in which you control Nel while exploring vast areas, solving puzzles, and fighting swarms of enemies. Nel can transform between the forms of five guardian spirits: Kristie, Lynn, Alysse, Arisha, and Miri. Each one with her own weapons and special abilities used to solve puzzles and traverse through the level.

Each guardian spirit as a bond level, which will increase over the course of the game. If you reach certain milestones, you will unlock access to erotic scenes associated with the given guardian.

As a rookie female soldier being lost memory. Your are tasked with investigating a group of criminals in the deserted city of Orland and unknowingly discovering a secret ruins underground.

And here, you being attacked and chased by demons, things drag on after things ... the true origin of the world gradually reveal... and then, as "The Chosen One" - you have to protect the world.

You can purchase Guardians of the Ashes on Steam for the promotional price of $1.88 until the 4th of June, at which point the game will cost $2.99. The game features a free DLC, Guardians of the Ashes - The Lost Memories, expanding upon the base game with adult content.

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