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Torvelt's Visual Novel, Let's Magic Together, Released on Nutaku

Get intimate with your fellow mages in the erotic visual novel Let’s Magic Together now available on Nutaku.

In Let’s Magic Together, each mage is born with one magic ability — they cannot change their ability or learn another one. There are different abilities that a mage can have and society will always find use for every ability. However, most magic is used in power stations to produce clean energy.

You play as a mage in your final year of school and, because of your battery ability, three of the best mages in school want you to help them practice magic. There’s Atsumi, a sporty girl who's popular with the underclassmen. She has the ability of creation. Second, there’s Shiho, a popular girl often seen with a crowd of people. Her ability is detection magic. Finally, there is Yae, a quiet girl who spends most of her time alone with the ability of fire magic. You'll get to spend time with the girls, and get to know them, as you help them with magic.

You are a mage in your final year of school, and because of your ability the three best mages in the school want your help with practicing magic.

Some people are born with a latent magic ability, these people are mages. Every mage only has one ability, they can not change it or learn another one. There are several different uses of magic in society, but magic is mainly used in power stations to make clean energy.

In this visual novel you will get to know other mages, and grow closer to them, as you spend time with them.

Key Features

● 3 Endings

● Uncensored H-scenes

● 3 Heroines

● No DRM

You can buy Let’s Magic Together for $4.99 on Nutaku.

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