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Soldiers return home to find a cursed ghost town in its place in Almastriga, a metroidvania-style game being developed by Taboolicious.

Almastriga is the latest video game project by Taboolicious, an independent artist known for his comics and his previous game, Cougar X. In Almastriga, you take the role of Jane, a female soldier aboard a ship returning from war. After docking at the pier, the army finds the town abandoned. With no signs of combat or disease, it appears as if everyone just got up and left. Only one person remained in the entire town: a young woman in rags who nobody noticed, as she snuck onto the ship while the soldiers were surveying the town. She found Jane asleep, and casts a curse on her, sending her to an unknown place.

Jane then wakes up in a morbid dungeon filled with monsters. She fights her way through, until she finds a grotesque creature that transports her to a mansion located in the town the army docked at. Speaking with the other soldiers, she realizes that she’s been cursed. Some kind of evil is trying to enter this world, using her as a vessel, and she will have to find a way to stop it. With the help of her friends, Jane decides to investigate the large, ominous mansion, seeking salvation.

Almastriga is a 2D metroidvania in which you’ll get to explore the mansion and its monster-filled dungeons. Jane can fight her enemies using an assortment of melee weapons, magic, and the help of her fairy familiar. Through exploration, you’ll find new equipment and abilities, such as the double jump, which allows you to explore new areas. Jane can talk to other soldiers in the mansion, who will provide her with services, allowing her to upgrade her weapons and stock-up on helpful items.

As Jane fights with monsters, she will unlock their entries in the farm menu available through one of the friendly NPCs. There, the player can initiate a sex scene with their involvement. They present upbeat, cheerful sex, composed of multiple still images and one animated sequence for each monster.

You can access a public demo of Almastriga on Taboolicious' Patreon page or Discord server. It contains a large section of the mansion, access to an assortment of polearms and the fist weapon, as well as a notable collection of sex scenes at the farm. Although, some features set to be in the final game aren’t ready yet, such as crafting. Latest version of the game can be accessed by pledging $5 or more on the Patreon page.

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