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Honey Select 2: Libido, a sequel to Illusion’s highly-acclaimed sex simulator, has been released in Japan.

Honey Select 2: Libido is a direct sequel to the original game from 2016. It follows a similar story premise: a woman named Für welcomes you to a hotel where you can find the women of your dreams, and freely indulge in sexual relationships with them. Rather than focus on storytelling, the game’s main draw is the excessively robust character creation tool, as well as a vast selection of interactive erotic animations you can put your characters in.

The sequel expands on the previous entry by introducing an assortment of new outfits, locations, and sexual positions. It features eleven character personalities, one of which is unique to Für, and newer versions of the character creator and studio mode. Illusion also heavily advertises their new technology regarding fluids, which look more realistic and appear more often, as they can now drip, and women were given the ability to squirt.

Honey Select 2: Libido is also compatible with Illusion’s previous game, AI*Shoujo, allowing players to transfer characters between the two games. Currently, this function isn’t compatible with the Steam version of AI * Shoujo due to its differences from the standalone release.

You can purchase the Japanese version of Honey Select 2: Libido on Getchu for ¥6,800 [roughly $63.00 USD] for the base game, or ¥7,255 [roughly $67.30 USD] to get a version with access to an additional bikini armor clothing set. The game’s also available on DLsite for ¥7,638 [roughly $75.85 USD].

Currently, Honey Select 2: Libido has only been released in Japan. Illusion has published many of their latest games in the West, but no official statements regarding Honey Select 2: Libido have been made, thus far.

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