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Follow Marissa as she enters through the magical dungeon to find her lost friend in Lustlock Labyrinth, now available on Steam.

Lustlock Labyrinth is a dungeon crawling RPG where you play as Marissa, an adventurer who is searching for her missing friend. She enters the Lustlock Labyrinth, a dungeon emanating unimaginable power and capable of taking everything away from those who enter it. You can lose your sanity, your body, and even your name. If you make it out of the dungeon, your one wish shall be granted, but if you fail, you will remain there forever. Marissa’s only desire is to see her friend safe and sound. Can she make it to the end and defeat the dungeon master, or will all of her efforts be for nothing?

In this dark fantasy RPG, you will need to map out each floor as you explore. Learn new skills, fight cute girls, and figure out the best way to defeat them. If the enemy is about to do a lewd attack, punish her to dish out a great amount of damage. Be careful, you’ll waste a turn if punish her when she’s not performing a lewd attack.

- A dark fantasy first person dungeon rpg!

- Map out each floor as you explore!

- A wide variety of cute girls to fight, Death is forbidden!

- Main Character is animated in battle! A cute and strong warrior!

- Collect Items, Learn new skills, and best your enemies!

- Grapple attacks - Some enemies will grapple you and you will have to struggle free.

Often, you'll have to choose between brute forcing and enemy, or learning the enemies attack pattern to maxmise damage.

If you think they're going to do a lewd attack you can punish them with crit damage! but if they're not you waste a turn.

With this in mind, the game is balanced so no grinding is necessary. With smart play and good usage of items found in the dungeon, Marisa can overcome any challenge.

You can buy Lustlock Labyrinth on Steam for the discounted price of $7.99. After June 4th, the price will increase back up to $9.99.

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