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Independent artist and developer HMO is developing BizarreHolyLand, a fantasy visual novel about an amnesiac man aiding angels in the fight against corruption.

BizarreHolyLand begins with the protagonist having a dream, in which they hear the voice of an unknown parental figure sending them on a quest, with nary a detail about their objective. The protagonist wakes up in a forest, where an angel takes interest in them and offers to have sex with them to confirm that they’re human. This leads the angel to discover that the protagonist’s seed is filled with holy energy.

Seeing as angels feed on the holy energy, which they can mostly access as radiation from a holy stone in their kingdom, the man’s seed becomes an invaluable resource to them. The angel invites the protagonist to their kingdom and asks them to live with and help them. It's here where the protagonist learns that the angels are currently fighting against dark seeds of corruption. Being spread by wormy, dark beings, the corruption turns angels into evil creatures. Hearing this story, the protagonist offers to help with their plight.

BizarreHolyLand is a visual novel featuring frequent decision-making and RPG gameplay elements. Aside from reading through the game’s lengthy story, the player can explore the holy land on their own terms while solving puzzles and advancing their relationship with the angels.

A lengthy demo of BizarreHolyLand is available on Itch.io. This demo doesn’t contain any of the RPG gameplay but allows the player to read through a lengthy portion of the story, during which they will meet many of the angels, and have their first fight with the evil that haunts them.

You can read more about the game on HMO’s Patreon. Donating $5 or more will allow you to access the latest release of BizarreHolyLand.

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