Clean up for the next guy

Free your sister and reclaim the throne of Kinky Kingdom in Vixen Wars, a free-to-play tower defense game now available on Steam.

Developed by 3X Entertainment and published by Nutaku Publishing, Vixen Wars is a tower defense game where you play as the prince of Kinky Kingdom. After your father passed away, you were about to ascend the throne, but your coronation is cut short when the Dark Magician corrupts your step-sister and steals the throne from you. To free your sister from his clutches and take back your rightful place as king, you’ll need to gather heroines from across the land who can liberate the divine goddesses.

As you meet new heroines, you can enhance their powers by leveling up the avatars of the goddesses. Leveling up your heroines and equipping them with the right abilities and armor will help turn any battle around.

Each heroine has a story where you help them free their land from the Dark Magician’s control and enjoy some naughty time together. Talk dirty to your heroines to obtain money, chest, and additional scenes. You can even earn free chests by completing daily tasks and leveling up. There are also sexy outfits for each heroine, so dress them up in whatever you please.

● MEET naughty heroines and level up the avatars of the goddesses to improve their god-like abilities. Unlock sexy scenes with them while progressing through their story.

● TALK dirty with them to gain money and chests and unlock additional scenes.

● EXPERIENCE a fantastic story with each of the girls, freeing their lands and spreading their legs.

● COLLECT hot pictures from your vixens and the heroines. Relive the hottest moments of your adventure in the picture gallery.

● BUILD your deck and level your powerful vixens up and unlock nasty pictures of them.

● USE your vixens in this unique combination of Tower Defense and Deck Building, use magical abilities and equipment to improve your odds and channel the power of your heroines to overcome even the mightiest foes.

● GAIN sexy outfits for each heroine.

● GET FREE chests by completing daily tasks, completing facts and leveling up.

You can play Vixen Wars for free on Steam.

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