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Ideology in Friction Append, the DLC for ONEONE1’s Ideology in Friction, is now available on Steam, MangaGamer, JASTUSA, and Denpasoft.

Ideology in Friction Append continues from where the base game left off. The original story of Ideology in Friction focuses on the two knights, Claceir and Annette, following their own path and their life objective. Ideology in Friction Append acts as an alternate story to the main game.

This installment focuses more on Zepp, the captain of the Special Forces, and Sachiyo, Zepp's mentor, and the strongest warrior of the Viktor Knights. Sachiyo lives her life by her sword and continues her endless fight in this cruel world, with her swordsmanship earning her the nickname, "samurai."

The DLC adds eighty-one new event CGs, some alterations to events in the original story, and a new chapter about Sachiyo and Zepp’s first encounter.

In a world where the future isn't certain, everyone wishes for their dreams to come true. Amidst the chaos, one woman stands fearlessly in a cruel world, entrusting her life to her sword as she continues her endless fight.

Her name is Sachiyo and she is the strongest of the Viktor Knights. The one who is known as the "samurai"...

Following up from the critically acclaimed Dark Fantasy RPG by Oneone1, this DLC features 81 New Event CGs, alterations to existing story events, and an entirely new chapter revolving around Sachiyo and Zepp during their first encounter.

You can buy Ideology in Friction Append on sale for $8.95 from MangaGamer and $8.99 from Steam, JAST USA, and Denpasoft. If you buy the Steam version, make sure to download the 18+ patch from Kagura Games website. You must own the base game, Ideology in Friction, play the DLC.

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