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A young woman fights for survival against hordes of horny zombies in Dystopian Project’s Overgrown: Genesis, a survival RPG published on Steam by TinyHat Studios.

Overgrown: Genesis is a survival RPG with horror themes taking place in an alternate future. During the destruction of Amazonian forests, a bizarre species of infectious plant emerged. Upon contact, it turned men into sex-crazed zombies, with the ability to infect other males. The plague quickly spread, turning most men into rapist monsters.

As the player, you will control Juno Townsend, one of the female survivors of the zombie outbreak. You will be cooperating with other survivors by scavenging supplies and looking for shelter. The game makes use of a real-time combat system, allowing Juno to shoot at zombies roaming the world. If she’s caught, the infected will rape her in a CG cutscene. The game also features lesbian interactions between Juno and other surviving women.

The deforestation of the Amazon had changed more than anyone anticipated. Out from the ecological devastation came grotesque, plant-like monsters, spreading an affliction across the globe.​

You play as a former mechanical engineer- who until now, has been able to find shelter in what remains of human civilization. After a job gone wrong, you find yourself on the wrong side of the barricades and must fight your way back to safety.

Little do you know, getting home will soon be the least of your worries.

The world of Overgrown: Genesis is violent, deadly, and frightening. Here's some of what to expect to do:

• Give In To Your Desires- Temptation abounds, indulge in sexual situations.

• Survive At All Costs- Resource management mechanics keep the pressure up.

• Search Every Corner- Areas allow for exploration and are filled with useful resources.

• Stay Goal Oriented- Numerous side quests which offer various rewards.

• Struggle Against Fate- Multiple endings reflect your decisions, stay alive, but at what cost?

You can purchase Overgrown: Genesis on Steam for $14.99 or by supporting Dystopian Project on Patreon. Despite not being marked as an Early Access release, the Steam version of the game is currently the unfinished build 0.11.2, rather than the latest 1.00.0, which is currently being tested on Patreon. The developer plans to update the Steam version of the game in the coming days, as they become certain that the latest version is free of unexpected issues.

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